Mechatronics Departments

The Mechatronics AAS degree prepares a student to enter the industrial automation industry with an emphasis in robotics, programmable logic controls and automatic electro-mechanical systems. Advancements in electro-mechanical systems, interdisciplinary fields are rapidly developing to address the design, operation and maintenance of products and systems that require a working knowledge of both mechanical and electronic components. Instruction covers a wide array of skills needed in modern industrial and manufacturing environments including hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical circuits, programmable controllers, motors, pumps, safety, robotics and automated controls.


Contacting the Mechatronics Department

  • The department director's office is your primary source for all program, course and transfer questions.
  • The department director approves all coursework exceptions and prior learning experiences for credit courses toward your degree or certificate.
  • CE-to-Credit linked courses can also be verified by contacting the department director or dean.

LSC-University Park Contacts

Name Phone Office
Steven Kahla, Ph.D.
281.655.3788 Steven.C.Kahla@LoneStar.edu EMI. 155
Christina Cross
Department Chair


Christina.L.Cross@LoneStar.edu NRB.209M
William J. Sullivan
281.290.3711 William.J.Sullivan@LoneStar.edu  EMI.156
Javaid S. Siddiqi
281.290.2731 Javaid.S.Siddiqi@LoneStar.edu  EMI.153
Christopher F. Schaefer
281.290.2673  Christopher.F.Schaefer@LoneStar.edu  B13.816

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