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The Kinesiology Department at Lone Star College-University Park offers a range of courses to educate students about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and how to achieve optimal wellness through behavior change and movement. The department offers several courses:

Introduction to Physical Fitness & Wellness [PHED 1164]
Weight Training [PHED 1112/2112]
Yoga [PHED 1128]
Foundations of Kinesiology [PHED 1301] fall semester only
Drug Use and Abuse [PHED 1346] online only
Personal/Community Health [PHED 1304] online only

Department Faculty

Dr. David 'Wied.' Wiederrecht, EdD, CSCS, FMS1, Professor of Kinesiology

Photo Collage of David Wiederrecht Teaching a Class with Students

Bio: Dr. Wiederrecht, or "Doc Wied." has over thirty years of teaching movement as a physical educator and track and field coach. The former All-American hurdler emphasizes progressing students' physical literacy through increasing confidence, motor competence, motivation, and knowledge/ understanding of the benefits of lifelong physical activity. After teaching junior high health and physical education, he taught kinesiology classes at three colleges and universities and supervised thirty pre-service HPE student teachers before moving to Texas in 2015. In life, the choice is 'strong or weak.' Which do you choose? Challenging students to achieve their best brings tremendous satisfaction as an educator. Doc Wied. is married with three adult children. He trains five days weekly, including many mornings at UP's Wellness Lab. Wied. is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Functional Movement Screen 1, Fundamental Capacity Screen, and Level I and II Sprints, Hurdles, and Relays through USA Track and Field.

Movement philosophy: "Own your movement."

PHED 1164 activity emphasis: resistance / weight training

Teaches in-person exclusively

Student experiences:
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the PHED 1164 course at Lonestar UP. It taught me how to approach active movement and emphasized its importance. Each class allowed me to build strength and inspired me to continue building that strength through training and exercise. I recommend this class to anyone who needs a disciplined start to their movement journey." Amanda B.

Dr. Lisa McQuade, EdD, ACE-PT, E-RYT-800, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology 

Photo Collage of Lisa McQuade Teaching a Class with Students

Bio: Dr. McQuade has over 40 years of movement experience. She competed on the intercollegiate Shotokan Karate team while studying Genetics and Development at Cornell University. She completed her master's degree in Sports& Exercise Psychology at San Diego State University while researching College Women's Self-Defense Efficacy. Her doctoral studies at the University of North Carolina Greensboro focused on Yoga: Mindful Physical Activity to Enhance College Students' Well-being. She is an American Council on Exercise Personal Training certified and Experienced Registered Yoga teacher with certifications in Kripalu and Ayurvedic yoga. Dr. McQuade has a wealth of experience teaching at colleges and universities and in private, community, and government environments. She was a personal trainer and fitness instructor at the Sea Island Spa and the recreational fitness coordinator at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia. She was an Exercise Physiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina, assisting clients in weight management. She has taught at several community-based fitness programs learning modalities such as yoga, spin, chair fitness, senior fitness, step training, and function-integrated strength. This experience pours over into her instruction and helps students find ways to be well. She is passionate about developing engaging courses that challenge students to cultivate a sense of ownership for their health. She proudly raised three beautiful daughters while married to a great husband and owns two corgis and two cats.

Movement Philosophy: "Exercise should feel joyful; why do it if you aren't having fun?"

PHED 1164 activity emphasis: Focus on movement, fitness assessments, and activity encouraging lifelong wellness. Activities include step, yoga, Pilates, cardio-kickbox, resist-a-ball, boot camp, and building a personal strength program.

Teaches in-person, hybrid, and online

Joseph Britten
Teaches online

Kassi Meacham
Teaches in-person and online

Alberta Nichols
Movement Philosophy: "A body in motion tends to stay in motion" -Isaac Newton
Teaches in-person and online

Taryn Price
Teaches in-person

Dr. Isabel Woelfel
Teaches online

Dr. Di Wu
Teaches in-person, hybrid, and online

Sydney Young
Teaches in-person

Liz Zacharias
Teaches in-person, hybrid. and online

LSC-University Park Facilities

Photo Collage of Students During Kinesiology Class

The Wellness Lab is available to faculty, staff, and currently enrolled UP students (must have a current UP ID).

Supervised Hours when LSC-UP Campus is Open:
Monday - Thursday:  7 - 9 a.m. and 3 - 6 p.m.
Friday: 1 - 5 p.m. (Note: Closed on Fridays during the Summer Term)

The Wellness Lab capacity is 25 occupants.

Department Contacts

Christa Spears
Dean of Instruction
Office: CSI.212

Christopher Allen, PhD
Department Chair
Office: CSI.208

Dave E. Wiederrecht, EdD
Professor of Kinesiology
281.290.2760  | Office: NRB.209P

Lisa McQuade, EdD
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
Office: NRB. 209Q

Jared Dalpe, MS, ACSM-CPT
Kinesiology Lab Coordinator III
Front Desk: 281.290.2615
Direct: 346.416.6621
Office: CB.117

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