Acute Care TechnicianCERTIFICATE


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Program Pathway

Courses Contact Hours
NURAC 2109102 Health Occupations Professionalism 24
NURAC 2100105 Nurse Aide, Certified 64
NURAC 2106003 Nurse Aide, Certified (Clinical) 44
NURAC 2200503 Nurse Aide Skills 40
Acute Care Technician Certificate Total 172

Insurance Liability Fee (Fa/Sp/Su): $12/8/0

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Program Details

Upgrading current skills and instruction in recently developed techniques needed for effective patient care.

This is a course designed for state certified Nurse Aides to expand upon their current skills in order to better operate in a hospital environment. The training will focus on a number of skills not included in the standard state curriculum, to include identification and prevention of common hospital patient risks, setup and use of hospital-specific equipment, and general safety and crisis prevention/intervention in an acute care setting.

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