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LSC-Montgomery Virtual Tour

LSC-Montgomery sits nestled in a calm forest, but is conveniently
close to I-45.

3200 College Park Drive
Conroe, Texas 77384


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Campus Map

LSC-Montgomery campus map

Building A - Commons Building
1st: Luby's, Wellness Center, Bookstore, Commons, Student Life, Child Care Center, Facilities
2nd: Classrooms/Labs

Building B - Health Science Center 1st: Science Classrooms/Labs; Teaching Theatre (B102)
2nd: Science Classrooms/Labs

Building C Student Services Center 1st: Student Services (Welcome Center, admissions/advising, financial aid)
2nd: Extended Learning Center, Testing Center

Building D - Performing Arts Center
1st: Mary Matteson-Parrish Art Gallery, Mainstage Theatre, Labs
2nd: Blackbox Theatre, Labs

Building E - Administration Building
1st: Executive Offices, Human Resources, College Relations
2nd: Continuing Education, Office of Technology Services, Education for Tomorrow Alliance

Building F - Library Building
1st: Library, Coffee Bar, Cyber Café
2nd & 3rd: Classrooms/Labs

Building G - General Academic Center
1st: Classrooms/Labs, Lecture Hall (G102)
2nd - Classrooms/Labs

Building H - Music Hall
1st: Recital Hall, Band Hall, Choir Hall, Practice Rooms

Building I - University Center

SP - Student Parking

S - Sports & Athletic Fields

T-112 - Temporary Building