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Associate of Arts Field of Study: MusicACADEMIC TRANSFER DEGREE



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Credits earned at Lone Star College transfer to any public college or university in the state. Start smart with 2+2 (2 years at LSC and 2 years at the University of your choice) and get the first two years of your Bachelor's degree without the high-cost. Students save an average of $16,000 over two years.

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Program Pathway

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First Year

First Semester Courses 14 Credits
MUSI 1311 Music Theory I1 3
MUSI 1116 Sight Singing & Ear Training I1 1
MUSI 1181 Class Piano I2 1
MUAP Elective - Private Lesson 2
MUEN Large Performance Ensemble Elective3 1
ENGL 1301 Composition & Rhetoric I 3
HIST 1301 United States History to 1877 3
Second Semester Courses 14 Credits
MUSI 1312 Music Theory II1 3
MUSI 1117 Sight Singing & Ear Training II1 1
MUSI 1182 Class Piano II2 1
MUAP Elective - Private Lesson 2
MUEN Large Performance Ensemble Elective3 1
ENGL 1302 Composition & Rhetoric II 3
HIST 1302 U.S. History since 1877 3

Second Year

First Semester Courses 17 Credits
MUSI 2311 Music Theory III1 2
MUSI 2116 Sight Singing & Ear Training III1 2
MUSI 2181 Class Piano III1 1
MUSI 1307 Music Literature 3
MUAP Elective - Private Lesson 2
MUEN Large Performance Ensemble Elective3 1
GOVT 2305 Federal Government 3
MATH 1314 College Algebra4 3
Second Semester Courses 15 Credits
MUSI 2312 Music Theory IV1 2
MUSI 2117 Sight Singing & Ear Training IV1 2
MUSI 2182 Class Piano - Level IV2 1
MUAP Elective - Private Lesson 2
GOVT 2306 Texas Government 3
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking 3
MUEN Large Performance Ensemble Elective3 1
MUEN-or-PHED 1164 Elective-or-Introduction to Physical Fitness & Sport 1
Associate of Arts: Field of Study in Music (AA) Degree Program Total 60 Credits


  1. Corequisites
  2. Students will be required to take 0-4 hours of class piano as secondary applied until they pass their piano proficiency exam.
  3. Symphonic Band, Concert Choir, Symphony Orchestra; guitar and bass majors may use Jazz Ensemble.
  4. MATH 1314 or higher level 3 credit hour MATH course selected from the core.


Program Details

Earn your Associate of Arts degree with Field of Study in Music at Lone Star College in four semesters. Graduates can transfer to a 4-year institution and major in music specializing in performance, music therapy, music education or musicology. The Music Field of Study courses also count toward the music minor.

The Field of Study curriculum is designed to satisfy the first two-year requirements for a bachelor's degree in a specific area at four-year colleges in the state of Texas*. Credits earned in a Field of Study curriculum transfer to other four-year college in the state of Texas.

*Field of Study completion does not guarantee admission to a four-year institution in the state of Texas.

Associate of Arts Degree

An Associate of Arts is an academic transfer degree designed for students who will ultimately be pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at a four-year college/university that is not math or science oriented. Examples of this type of four-year degree are: Business, Liberal Arts, History, Speech, Music, Education, Criminal Justice, etc.

Printable Program Flyer

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