Transfer Partners and Degree Plans

Seamlessly transfer from LSC

Transfer Partners and Degree Plans

Transfer Degree Maps provide students with the courses required during their first two years at Lone Star College and the courses required to complete a bachelor's degree at a university. These courses have been approved by the university for transfer into the designated degree program. Following these transfer degree maps will ensure the student is on the correct path to earning their bachelor's degree, allowing them to save time and money. *Note that some colleges and universities may not have a degree map. Please use the resources provided.

Transfer Universities

Search by keywords, such as biology or history, to view transfer plans leading to degrees in that field. You may also search by area of study and narrow any search by selecting in-state or online. For universities with no transfer degree plans listed, students should connect to the university for more information on the transfer of courses. Select "Learn More" for each university to access links to admission, scholarships, and more. 

Universities marked with the star have additional benefits for LSC students that apply.



If you plan to transfer from LSC to complete a four-year degree, contact an advisor or counselor at the campus you plan to enroll to discuss your transfer options. The campus advising email address can be found on the Advising website.

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