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Program Pathway

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Courses Contact Hours
Foundational Counseling Skills Contact Tracer Specialist 80
Educating the Community Contact Tracer Specialist 80
Curriculum Total Hours: 128 / 1000 Externship hours to be provided through an outside institution 160

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Program Details

The Contact Tracer Specialist is a  4-week instructional program, to equip students to serve and engage with communities and organizations in providing health and social service  resources and information about COVID-19. An externship is also part of the program.

This program also offers a possible career pathway into opportunities for those who want to become a "certified" Contact Tracer Specialist, to serve communities through health tracing, community health education, provide health-related resources, assist health care teams and more.

A Contact Tracer Specialist understands the community in which he or she serves, acts as a liaison between health, social service and the community to provide information and resources and builds individual and community enrichment through Outreach, Community Education, Social Support and Advocacy       

Prepares to be a Certified Contact Tracer Specialist | Required by: Texas Department of State Health Services

Note: This program may be free for eligible students.

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