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Program Pathway

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Prerequisite: Approved AAS Degree 60 Credits
First Semester Courses 16 Credits
TMGT 3354 Leadership 3
Core Creative Arts [50] or Language, Philosophy, & Culture [40] 3
Core Life & Physical Sciences [30] 4
Core American History [60] 3
Core Government/Political Science [70] 3
Second Semester Courses 13 Credits
TMGT 4310 Human Resources Management & Labor Law 3
TMGT 3303 Communications & Conflict Resolution 3
Core Government/Political Science [70] 3
Component Area Option [90] ENGL 1302 Composition & Rhetoric -or- ENGL 2311 Technical Communications 3
Component Area Option [90] PHED 1164 - Introduction to Physical Fitness & Wellness 1
Third Semester Courses 16 Credits
TMGT 3307 Operations Management in Energy, Manufacturing, and Skilled Trades 3
TMGT 3311 Information Technology for Enterprise Management 3
TMGT 4301 Industrial Cost Estimating and Control 3
Core Life and Physical Sciences [30] 4
Core American History [60] 3
Fourth Semester Courses 15 Credits
TMGT 4396 Project Management in Energy, Manufacturing, and Skilled Trades 3
TMGT 3355 Mediation & Negotiation 3
TMGT 4320 Organizational Design and Management Seminar 3
TMGT 3347 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 3
Elective Elective Credits 3
Program Total 120 Credits

Core completion for the BAS is built into the 2-year plan for the degree and not required prior to entry. However, students may choose to take core requirements ahead of time.


Program Details

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy, Manufacturing and Trades Management (BAS-EMTM) is designed for Associate of Applied Science degree-holding students seeking to advance their professional qualifications.

Graduates of the program will have a broader understanding of the managerial roles in energy, manufacturing and trades industries and will bring that understanding to their advancing roles in their places of employment. Graduates will be prepared to assume advanced responsibilities in leadership and management.

Admission Requirements

Use the Degree Planning Guide to get started.

Approved AAS Degrees

Preferred, prepares students for BAS:

  • Architectural Design AAS
  • Logistics Management AAS
  • Automotive Technology AAS
  • Machining Technology AAS
  • Construction Supervision AAS
  • Mechanical Design Tech AAS
  • Corrosion Technology AAS
  • Mechatronics Technician AAS
  • Electrical Technology, AAS
  • Petroleum Data Technology AAS
  • Petroleum Service Technician, AAS
  • HVAC & R, AAS
  • Pilot AAS
  • Industrial Diesel Tech, AAS
  • Pipefitting, AAS
  • Inspection Technology AAS
  • Process Technology, AAS
  • Instrumentation Technology AAS
  • Welding Technology, AAS
  • Land Surveying and Mapping AAS


Additional programs may be considered.

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