Additional Veterinary Technology Program Requirements

Admission Information

Applicants for the Certificate program must meet the same admission criteria as for the AAS degree and complete the same application process. In addition to the admission requirements for Lone Star College, the following are requirements for admission into the Veterinary Technology program:

Admission Procedure
In addition to the admission requirements of the LSCS, the following are requirements for admission into the veterinary technology associate of applied science degree program:


ACT scores of:
Math 24+; Writing 19+; Reading 19+ College
Math TSI met (if within 5 yrs)
THEA scores of:
Math 270+; Writing 220+; Reading 230+
SAT scores of:
Math 520+; Writing 500+; Reading 500
ASSET scores of:
Math IA 45+ or CA 23+ Writing 45+;
6 essay or 7+ essay; Reading 41+
THEA scores of:
Math 270+; Writing 220+; Reading 230+
ACCU-PLACER scores of:
Math 86+ Writing 80+ Reading 78+

Students should submit a Lone Star College application along with current (official) college transcripts to the admissions department at LSC-Tomball. After visiting with an advisor, the student should submit a separate application to the veterinary technology program with duplicate of college transcript. Note: The application to the veterinary technology program should be co-signed by an LSC-Tomball advisor during the studentís visit in the admissions department.

Program applications are reviewed and evaluated for fall admission on June 1 of each year. All applicants will be notified following applicant review date of their status. Students may be notified by letter. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all personal information on the application is current.

When admitted to the veterinary technology program, the student should ensure that non-veterinary technology courses (math, English, etc.) are never scheduled between 7:30 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. Monday through Friday, or 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Saturday. This time is reserved for all clinical rotation laboratories at LSC-Tomball.

The veterinary technology program will have an information session at the end of June each year. Students that have received admission notifications are required to attend as important information on rules and program requirements will be covered in detail by the program faculty and staff. Questions will be welcomed.

Students receiving admission to the Veterinary Technology program should be aware that books, supplies, and special clothing will be required and should be purchased within the first week of each semester the student is enrolled in the program.

Progression Requirements

There are no specific progression requirements for the veterinary technology program. VTHT 1245, 2223, 2331, 1140 and 1441 must be completed within one calendar year prior to preceptorship (VTHT 2360). Failure to complete this requirement will necessitate delay of the clinical until requirements can be met.

Registration Examination

Students in veterinary technology at LSCS are considered eligible to sit for State and National Veterinary Technology Board Examinations when they have completed all required course work with the exception of VTHT 2360, Veterinary Technology Clinical.

Contact Denise Metz, LVT, at 281.351.3354 for more information. Web site: LoneStar.edu/veterinary-technology-dept

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