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LSC-CyFair Welding Technology Department

Lone Star College Cypress Center

19710 Clay Road
Katy, TX  77449
Front Desk: 832.920.5001

Welding Technology is a comprehensive program of studies designed to provide skill development opportunities in oxyacetylene (gas) and electric welding. Classes are conducted in laboratories that are equipped with modern industrial welding equipment, and skills development opportunities are afforded in advanced welding techniques.

Welding Technology

Welding student equipment requirements:

  1. Welders cap
  2. Clear safety glasses
  3. Long sleeve shirt, 100% Cotton or Wool (Leathers are optional)
  4. Pants or jeans (no baggy or frayed pants or jeans are allowed in the lab)
  5. Leather Boots (no tennis shoes or dress shoes are allowed in the lab)
  6. # 5 Shade Cutting Glasses or goggles
  7. Welding hood
  8. Long leather welding gloves
  9. Chipping hammer
  10. Wooden wire brush
  11. Locking pliers (large)
  12. Magnet (90 degree)
  13. Tape measure
  14. Bucket or Tool box for equipment


Safety first and follow directions always. Remember you are welding and you will get burned, so take the necessary precautions and purchase the equipment you feel is appropriate. No equipment will be loaned out and none of your equipment will be stored here for you. If you show up to the welding lab in baggy or frayed pants, tennis shoes or flip flops you will be asked to go home and change and will lose points for the day. If you show up without your equipment you will be asked to leave and retrieve your equipment, and lose points for the day.

When there is lecture you will need your book (Jeffus, Welding Principles and applications 6th edition), pen, pencil, paper, folder, or binder, and a ruler. Bring these things to class or you will be asked to leave and retrieve the required items, and lose points for the day. The instructors in the Welding Program take their job very seriously. They expect the same of you as students. If you do not wish to take your classes seriously I advise you now to walk out the door and drop your welding courses. Other students that need these classes, and are willing to make the sacrifice, are waiting to sing up in your place.

Faculty and Staff

Bridgette Sellers
Dean, Instruction
Office: CYC 213G

Michael Young
Director, Advanced Manufacturing Center
Office: CYC 102A

Kris Villarreal
Assoc. Professor - Welding
Office: CYC 102D

Innocent Yapo
Assoc. Professor - Welding
Office: CYC 102I

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