LSC-Houston North Student Travel Information

Travel Information

Forms and Processes for College Sponsored Student Travel

TR1 and TR2/TR3 must be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance to the Office of Student Life for approval. Forms must be originals with a physical signature from advisor/sponsor submitting the document.

Once approved, it is the advisor/sponsor's responsibility to submit any updated rosters, TR4's, Hold Harmless Agreements, and Student Travel Code of Conduct forms for students to the Administrative Assistant of the Vice President of Student Success. This must be done before departure.

If advisor/sponsor plans to drive a rental vehicle, see Other Information Regarding Vehicle Usage and Student Travel section.

Before the Trip - Advisors complete the following forms:

Request for Approval of College Sponsored Student Travel (TR1)
Trip Plan and Trip Roster (TR2)

Send an email to the Student Life Manager requesting travel approval (include expense, dates and nature of travel)

If you are using a Travel and Expense card you must complete the following:

  • Travel Authorization in iStar - Send the email approval from Student Engagement Director to your HR supervisor so that he/she may approve your TA

Before the Trip - Students complete the following forms:

  • Release and Indemnification Agreement (TR3) - Please have students who are 18 years and older complete this form. 
  • Student Travel Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement (TR4) - Please have students who are 18 years and older complete this form.
  • Medical Form - All students traveling must fill out this medical form. This form will stay with the RSO advisor in case of an emergency.
  • Student Travel Code of Conduct - All students who are traveling with a RSO must fill out the Student Travel Code of Conduct form and submit it with the TR3 and TR4 forms. Students that do not want to sign the code of conduct form, or if there is not a form submitted for a student, they will not be permitted to take the trip. 
  • Sample Statement of Commitment and Behavior (This is not a required form...just one that has been used in the past by the Office of Student Activities. You can copy and paste it, and tailor it to suit your group's needs)
  • Attach a sheet with information about the event / conference / tournament the group is requesting to attend.

After the Trip - Advisors submit the following (as needed):

Other Information Regarding Vehicle Usage and Student Travel

Anyone who wishes to rent a vehicle for school sponsored travel must first get permission from the campus president via email. The approval email should be submitted to the Director of Student Engagement

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