Student Engagement Events and Activities


The Student Activities Board (SAB), Student Government Association (SGA) and the Office of Student Engagement will be hosting various events for the LSC-Tomball campus. Please view the events and activities below.

Face to Face and Virtual Events for Fall 2022

Date Event Name Time Location
September 20th Hispanic Heritage Candy Bar 10am-3pm Commons
September 26th Loteria Game  12:30pm-2:30pm Commons
September 30th iLead Retreat 12pm-3pm Beckendorf Conference Center
October 5th FIFA Tournament 12:30pm-3pm Commons
October 12th Taste of Latin American Culture 11:30am-2:30pm Commons
October 31st Howl Fest  5:30pm-9pm South West Lawn

Trevor’s Tik Tok Wars

We want to see your best moves Timberwolves! Every Wednesday Trevor will post a video for you to challenge on the Student Life Tik Tok page. Challenge Trevor and tag us in your video using #LSCTEngage. We will choose a winner each week! The winner from each week will be entered in an ultimate Tik Tok dance drawing for a grand prize. Please follow our social media accounts for updates on chanllenges.


  1. Each video must be submitted before Friday night 
  2. All entries will be accepted through Tik Tok or Instagram
  3. A winner from each week will be announced via a story on the Student Engagement's Instagram
  4. Use #LSCTTikTokWar

Kahoot Trivia

Join your fellow Timberwolves on the Student Engagement's Discord server on Wednesday and Friday game nights for a game of Kahoot. Test your knowledge on different topics and battle your way to the top spot for a chance to have a prize shipped to your home. The link can be found on the Student Engagement's Discord server in the Kahoot text channel. Check your mylonestar email for the link to our Discord server.


  1. Follow the link from the Kahoot text channel in the Student Engagement Discord server.
  2. There will be one winner at the end of each game.
  3. A prize will be mailed to the winner’s home address once Student Engagement staff verifies your address.
  4. Remember to be polite, no bullying and refrain from illicit language.

Timberwolf Cribs

Remember MTV Cribs? SAB and Student Engagement is bringing it back with a twist! Introducing to the LSC-Tomball campus community, Timberwolf Cribs! Send us an MTV Cribs style video of a tour of your home/apartment/your room/ or outside. Save your masterpiece on your student One Drive and send the link to Natalie Shipula or send a Youtube Link to Natalie.Shipula@lonestar.edu


  1. No profanity or illicit content
  2. 1-2-minute clip if house or room
  3. Start the video with “Hey LSC-Tomball welcome to my crib/house/ or room!”
  4. Show us your dog or other pets
  5. Show us your hobbies and collections if you have any
  6. Use #LSCTTimberwolfCribs
  7. Be Creative
  8. Cribs will be posted to our Student Engagement YouTube channel or Instagram page
  9. All submissions must either be sent by One Drive link or YouTube link to Natalie Shipula

Trevor's Funniest Home Videos

Have a funny video you wish more people could see? Show it with your fellow Timberwolves! Send in your funniest home videos and we’ll post them to our Student Engagement Instagram story.


  1. No illicit or sexual content
  2. Intentional harm should not be done for the sake of the video
  3. 1-2-minute clip
  4. Use #LSCTTrevorsFunniestHomeVideos
  5. Depending on the content, videos will be posted to our Student Engagement Instagram story.
  6. All submissions must either be sent by One Drive link or YouTube link to Natalie Shipula

On Going Events

These events will be on-going until the end of the spring/summer 2022 semester. For more information, please check your LSC student email or email Lisa Gutierrez at Lisa.M.Gutierrez@lonestar.edu

Event Location
Trevor's Tik Tok Challenge  Student Engagement Instagram
Timberwolf Cribs Student Engagement Instagram

Additional Virtual Activities and Programming

Virtual Classes

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems! Join Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence at Home for a live daily doodle lesson at 11:00 a.m. MST. Videos will be available after live on the Kennedy Center YouTube channel.

Join the McHarper Manor weekdays on Facebook for a daily art project tutorial. Art projects will range from watercolor paintings to chalk art to canvas painting and will take place live at 11:00 a.m. MST. Videos will be available after the live class on the McHarper Manor Facebook page.         

Missing group fitness classes or going to the gym? Check out the Planet Fitness Facebook page for live-streamed daily workouts several times a day. Is Yoga more your thing? Check out CorePower Yoga  to keep up your practice from the comfort of your living room.

Fun Fashion Activities

Fun Fashion Activities! Do you enjoy fun fashion activities, like jewelry making, knitting, and more! Check this website out and get your creative juices flowing. Special thanks to Michelle Jackson, Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains in New Hampshire for recommending this fun and crafty website for all to enjoy.

How to Cook Homecooked Recipes

Homecooked Recipes! Want to learn step by step how to cook your favorite homemade meals? Or want try a new recipe? Check this website out and learn and try new recipes that everyone will love. Special thanks to Michelle Jackson, Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains in New Hampshire for recommending this fun and crafty website for all to enjoy.

Virtual Disney Activities

Did you miss out on your Disney Trip? Have no fear, bring the magic of the mouse to your living room with virtual Disney Parades and virtual Disney Rides.



Other Disney Activities:

Magic Kingdom Treadmill Workout

Virtual Tours and Museums 

Experience the best museums from to France to Seoul in the comfort of your own home. Check out these sites to go on virtual tours of different museums and specific exhibits.

Check out some cool places around the world from National Parks to National Landmarks. 

Animal Webcams

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Just want a cute and cuddly distraction? Check out several different animal live cam options from watching silly sea otters and curious elephants or just mellow out to the hypnotic drifting jellyfish. 

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