The college campus environment can become stressful due to the importance of your studies and traditions serve to keep you grounded. They are a way for you to connect with your fellow students, while immersing yourself in the unique culture of your college. Every school has its own traditions that have been passed down from class to class and Lone Star College - Tomball is no different. The camaraderie and pride that come with these traditions help make the college experience unique. They help you gain much more than just an education. LSC-Tomball is proud of our campus and our traditions. Check out some of LSC-Tomball's traditions below. It's a great time to be a student at LSC-Tomball!


students at a glow party

ENGAGE is three weeks of activities for student to connect to the campus. 

The first week of ENGAGE is Sneak Peek that begins the week before classes. This is a great way/week for students to connect with their peers, faculty, and staff on campus before diving into classes. Sneak Peak is a great way explore your campus before classes start. 

The second week of ENGAGE is Howl Week that takes place the first week of classes to engage students outside of the classroom. Some past activities have included Stuff-A-Trevor, Kolor My Kanvas, and Slip-N-Slide Kick tournaments.

The third week of ENGAGE is Involvement Week, hosted the second week of classes. During this week students are able to join student organizations, attend Involvement Fair and tryout for sports teams. 

All activities are free for registered LSC-Tomball students. 

Involvement Fair

LSC-Tomball's Student Engagement offers students and opportunity to connect with each of the campuses student organizations during Involvement Fair! Once a semester organizations gather in the commons to recruit new members! Free food, prizes, music, games, and much more are apart of each Involvement Fair! Don't be afraid to get involved and to join us in this amazing biannual event!

Involvement Fair Dance Club Involvement Fair Multimedia Services
Involvement Fair TRiO Club Involvement Fair Welcome Desk

Howl Fest

Fall Fest Zombie Fest Fall Festival Watermelons
Fall Fest Batman vs. the Joker Fall Fest Radioactive

Howl Fest is a fall semester tradition that is hosted during October and is held on the Southwest Lawn, this event has everything! Free food, games, prizes, dances, and a chance to mingle with your fellow students as well as meet new ones all in a fun, positive, and festive atmosphere! This event is free for all LSC-Tomball students with a valid student ID.

Spring Fling

Spring Fling Booth Spring Fling Chinese Dancing Dragon
Spring Fling Drumming Spring Fling BSA

Spring Fling is LSC-Tomballís spring kick-off celebration. Spring Fling is an annual tradition at LSC-Tomball that brings together students, faculty, and staff for a day of fun and entertainment. Student organizations host activities for those in attendance and Student Engagement provides free food, entertainment, rides, and activities. There are also chances to win prizes and giveaways at Spring Fling. This event is free for all LSC-Tomball students with a valid student ID. 

Student Excellence Awards

SEA Opening SEA Medals
SEA Trophy SEA Groupshot

This awards ceremony is held every spring to celebrate the accomplishments of Lone Star College - Tomball's best and brightest! Students are nominated and given awards by faculty and staff in the following categories: Academic Excellence, Community Service, Leadership Service, U.S.A. Academic Team, Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, Service Awards, Model U.N., Scott Coleman Award, Student Organization Awards and Disney Innovations and Leadership Academy Awards.

Trevor's Choice Awards

TCA Black and White TCA Gathering

Trevor's Choice Awards is a ceremony that is held for student organizations and their advisors of Lone Star College-Tomball to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the year. Student Organizations are the heart beat of Lone Star College- Tomball. The following awards are given out every year Community Service Award, Program of the Year Award, Unsung Hero Award, Anne Donlon and Katie Walker Spirit Award, Sherri Ryan White Advisor of the Year Award, Officer of the Year Award and Outstanding Student Organization Award. During the ceremony there is entertainment and live music for all to enjoy. 

List of the Student Organization winners from Trevor Choice Awards 2021-2022

Sherri Ryan White Advisor of the Year Award

Jill Brumer, Drama Club

Community Service Award

Student Occupational Therapy Association (S.O.T.A.)

Program of the Year Award

Student Occupational Therapy Association (S.O.T.A.)

Unsung Hero Award

Selena Sanchez, The Student Activities Board

P.J. Laetsh, Drama Club

Camilo Barandiaran Yep, The Student Activities Board

Anne Donlon and Katie Walker Spirit Award

Student Activities Board

Officer of the Year Award

Cyn Cooper, Drama Club

Outstanding Student Organization Award

Student Occupational Therapy Association (S.O.T.A.)

The Student Organization Awards are an opportunity to recognize the student organizations and their advisors who have made a huge impact on the student body or the community. Nominations are accepted each year for the following categories:

  • Sherri Ryan White Advisor of the Year Award 
  • Community Service Award 
  • Program of the Year Award 
  • Unsung Hero Award 
  • Anne Donlon and Katie Walker Spirit Award
  • Officer of the Year Award
  • Outstanding Student Organization Award

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