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When is the deadline for the application?

The application is due the first Tuesday in April each year.  All portions of the application including transcripts are to be received by that date.

What are the prerequisites?

There are three prerequisite courses for the program:

  • ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric I
  • BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • And, one other non-OTHA course in the curriculum

I am taking BIOL 2401 in the spring semester and it will not be finished before the application is due. Will you make an exception?

No, BIOL 2401 is a prerequisite course and must be completed by the time the application is submitted.

How will I know if my courses will transfer?

Be sure to send your official transcripts to the Lone Star-Tomball transcript office to have them analyzed for course comparisons.  Once they have been analyzed you may login to your MyLonestar account to see which courses transferred or you can contact an advisor.

When does the program start?

The program starts at the beginning of the fall semester each year which is typically the last Monday in August.

Are your program classes available in the evening or online?

There are no evening or online courses at this time.

What are the days and times for the classes?

Days and times for classes vary from semester to semester.  All classes are offered during the day with less class hours in the first semester which gradually increases semester by semester until the student is involved in full-time fieldwork in the fifth and final semester.

If I have taken all of the required and suggested courses can I graduate early?

Information that is introduced in the OTHA coursework creates a knowledge base that is built upon each semester in order to increase the studentís level of understanding.  The completion of non-OTHA coursework can lessen the load of a student within a particular semester, but it will not shorten the duration of time in the program.

Where can I get an application?

The application is available online.

Do you have a list of facilities where I can complete my observation?

We do not provide a list of facilities where applicants can complete observations.  It is recommended that the applicant contact an occupational therapy practitioner directly at a facility for which they have interest.  Explain to the practitioner your interest in observing and work with them on establishing a time and date.  It is entirely up to the discretion of the practitioner as to whether or not they have available time for an observer.  If you receive an opportunity to observe it is essential that you dress professionally and exercise good judgment regarding the workplace and privacy rules of the facility.

How long is the program?

The program is 5 semesters in length which includes 2 fall semesters, 2 spring semesters and a summer semester. 

When will I find out if I have been selected for the program?

Applicants will be notified by email in late May/early June if they have been selected for the program.     

Do I need to have my immunizations and CPR completed when I apply?

Immunizations and CPR do not need to be completed when you apply.  Please note, however, that if you have not completed the Hepatitis B series, it would be wise to do so as soon as possible as it is required in the program and takes several months to complete.

How many observation hours do I need to complete?

There is no specific number of observation hours required.

When is the next Information Session?

The next information session will be noted on the program web page once it is scheduled.

Do I need to see an advisor at the Tomball Campus?

You must have the advisor form for the OTA program signed, however, the advisor does not need to be at the Tomball campus.

What can I do to make my chances better?

Fill out the application completely and be sure to follow all instructions.  Turn in all paperwork in a timely manner.

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