Up Close: People Profiles

Looking at Lone Star College-North Harris up close reveals more than 1,100 employees fulfilling the college's mission at LSC-North Harris and LSC-East Aldine Center. Their collective experience and dedication make the college a standout in higher education. This website shares the stories of some of those people.

Osvaldo Caballero

It is one thing to be a safe LSC-North Harris faculty administrator; it is another to nurture a preoccupation with the concept of workplace and campus safety and avow to make the ideal as commonplace at LSC-North Harris as CAT-5. This past spring semester, that passion for safety advocacy started at home for Director and faculty Osvaldo Caballero in the LSC-North Harris Career and Applied Technology division. See his story here

Randy Williams

Lone Star College-North Harris Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) instructor Randy Williams sat in front of his computer monitor one day during the fall semester of 2020. He was almost distracted by his struggle to settle in and focus on the box-framed presenters. His labored breathing vied for the attention he wanted to pay to the presentation. Feeling lousier with every passing moment, Williams gripped his pen to take notes. See his story here

Deidre Taylor

The importance of Black History Month lies in teaching about the past to remember and honor the figures who sacrificed to help build a brighter future for others. It is important to pass along the lessons passed down in books or through stories, but just as important that each generation has leaders prepared to leave behind a better community for the next generations. See her story here

Brittney Lewis

The celebrations during Black History Month often focus on the most popular figures, locations, or historical moments to tell the story of the civil rights movement. But there are people every day who are striving to make a difference in the lives of future generations. See her story here

Dr. Luis Lucio

Looking out for the community we serve is rooted in the six Lone Star College Cultural Beliefs. It becomes a point of pride for each employee to serve as an example of what a quality education and hard work can achieve. For people like Dr. Luis Lucio, Dean, LSC-East Aldine Center, it’s personal. See his story here

Chris Young

You won’t have to go far to find a world-class non-destructive testing lab or program. It only takes a short drive down to the LSC-East Aldine Center, where you’ll find Chris Young, Inspection Technology program lead, passing on his knowledge. See his story here

Jannine Jack

LSC-North Harris is full of students pursuing their academic goals and finding the balance between school and work. It’s not uncommon to find employees who meet those criteria and thrive in their position. Jannine Jack, public relations specialist, has taken that challenge head-on for nearly two years. See her story here

John 'Cash' Carpenter

As a theatre professor in the LSC-North Harris Drama Department, John ‘Cash’ Carpenter can showcase his creativity through award-winning productions. See his story here

Jacobie Backstrom

Jacobie Backstrom, program coordinator, TRIO Student Support Services, understands firsthand the reluctance some have about community college. He also knows how to use his own experience to illuminate the benefits of attending a place like LSC-North Harris. See his story here.

Devethia Guillory

Teachers are often known for shaping and influencing the lives of their students – day after day, semester after semester, and year after year. History professor Devethia Guillory’s story demonstrates how the influences in one’s life can often lead to a particular career. See her story here.

Jon Wilson

Students in professor Jon Wilson’s history classes would be surprised to learn that his path to becoming a teacher didn’t begin until he was 40 years old. It took a life filled with twists and turns to land Professor J, as he’s become known around Lone Star College-North Harris, right where he belongs. See his story here.

Figen Bekisli

Bekisli, an LSC-North Harris physics professor, Figen Bekisli, has gone through an ambitious journey to bring her where she is today. Along the way, education was the driving force that brought Dr. Bekisli to the United States, and ultimately, to teaching at LSC-North Harris. See her story here.

Juan Argueta

As an EDUC 1300 instructor at LSC-East Aldine Center, Juan Argueta is in the perfect position to help students succeed. The course, designed to help first-time college students identify and develop good study habits, reminds Argueta of his own challenges when he was in school and what he did to ultimately arrive at his current role. See his story here.

Reyna Tippetts

As a child, Reyna Tippetts thought school was for the wealthy. She grew up in El Moralillo, Veracruz, a small town in Mexico, in a small shack with walls made of cardboard, pieces of metal and scrap wood. She and her mom would walk miles to get to the town dump and pick through the trash for something edible. See her story here.

Ovi Galvan

As Dean of Student Services at LSC-North Harris, Ovi Galvan is responsible for a variety of departments and teams. Galvan’s purview includes: advising, career planning and academic transfer, counseling services, diversity initiatives, Student Life, TRIO and veteran’s services. See his story here.



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