Come see our facilities in the Art Department!

The Art Lab (Building A-201) is a dedicated space to house all of our printing presses, our screen printing setup, 4 workstation-level computers with tablet displays, photo-documentation equipment, and so on. Don't be surprised if your art appreciation class takes a mini field trip to The Art Lab to run block prints or if your Ceramics class goes upstairs to take pro-quality photos of your work.

The Kiln Yard (between Buildings A & D) is a 1,600+ square foot covered studio that houses 2 large gas kilns, a wood-fired kiln, a raku kiln, slab roller, storage, and more. In the Ceramics Lab (Building D-102), you'll find 16 wheels, storage racks, working tables, and glaze kilns.

The Photo Lab (Building D-200) houses a darkroom with 16 enlargers, a work room with tables, 2 computers for digital work, and a color printer.

The Drawing and Painting Lab (Building A-203) is a large studio with easels and some work tables, a movable critique wall with storage racks, flat files, natural lighting, and plenty of space to work in.

Our Class Rooms (Building A-202, 205, 207) are equipped with comfortable seating, work tables, and projectors and have several reproductions of famous artworks lining the walls.

The Mary Matteson-Parish Art Gallery rotates in new shows every month, and each new artist gives either an opening or closing lecture followed by a Q and A session.

Make LSC part of your story.