LSC-Montgomery Art Department

Welcome to the Start of Your Artistic Journey

Here at the LSC-Montgomery Art Department, we want to help prepare you for your career in the visual arts. Each fall, we hold an Art Department Orientation where we talk about art careers, classes, and transfer. As you progress through the program, we offer meetings, advice, and portfolio reviews to help you plan for the next stages.

Contact Information

Do you have questions? Our Staff Assistant Kerri Steen can be reached by email or by phone Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at (936)-271-6246.  

Latest News & Events

Stay tuned to our Instagrams: @lscmarts & @marymattesonparrishartgallery

Each semester, we host a series of visiting artist lectures and workshops, either in person or online, that will allow you to hear new voices, see new work, and learn about the possibilities available in an art career.

We have 2 extremely active and ambitious student groups: The Art Club and The Clay Club. Both organizations meet regularly, do community-building projects, show their work off campus, make friends, and host workshops and lectures from visiting artists.

Our Facilities

The Art Lab (Building A-201) is a dedicated space to house all of our printing presses, our screen printing setup, 4 workstation-level computers with tablet displays, photo-documentation equipment, and so on. Don't be surprised if your art appreciation class takes a mini field trip to The Art Lab to run block prints or if your Ceramics class goes upstairs to take pro-quality photos of your work.

The Kiln Yard (between Buildings A & D) is a 1,600+ square foot covered studio that houses 2 large gas kilns, a wood-fired kiln, a raku kiln, slab roller, storage, and more. In the Ceramics Lab (Building D-102), you'll find 16 wheels, storage racks, working tables, and glaze kilns.

The Photo Lab (Building D-200) houses a darkroom with 16 enlargers, a work room with tables, 2 computers for digital work, and a color printer.

The Drawing and Painting Lab (Building A-203) is a large studio with easels and some work tables, a movable critique wall with storage racks, flat files, natural lighting, and plenty of space to work in.

Our Class Rooms (Building A-202, 205, 207) are equipped with comfortable seating, work tables, and projectors and have several reproductions of famous artworks lining the walls.

The Mary Matteson-Parish Art Gallery rotates in new shows every month, and each new artist gives either an opening or closing lecture followed by a Q and A session.

Make LSC part of your story.