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Full-Time Faculty

Mead McLean - Department Chair of Art, Humanities and Theatre

I want my students to be as versatile as possible when they finish class. In art appreciation, I want people to think critically, describe accurately, and interpret based on the reality of what they see. In drawing and design, the basic concepts I work from--structure, composition, form--should be applicable to any art career from design to animation. 

With art, as with any difficult task, you reach a point where you seem to not be progressing. Your knowledge may feel stagnant and your drawings may feel repetitive, but you keep going anyway because you want that skill more than anything. Eventually you realize that you only fail if you give up completely and that all that time spent on the plateau can be fun if you learn to enjoy the view. 

Email: Mead.L.McLean@Lonestar.edu
Phone: 936.273.7447
Office: A-200F
Website: http://www.meadmclean.com
Degrees: B.F.A, M.F.A. in Painting, Savannah College of Art & Design
Courses: Art Appreciation, Art Appreciation Honors, Online Drawing, Online 2-D Design

Tommy Taylor - Assistant Professor of Art

I help students delegate their life experiences with art so that they can process, execute, and move on. To do this efficiently students need to understand as clearly as possible what is expected of them. I make sure everyone learns each other’s names in the first 20 minutes on the first day of class. This keeps the class and myself sharp and present with each other from the very beginning. This accountable group dynamic helps build trust so that they not only hear but understand when I remind them that “you are each other’s greatest resource beyond this classroom and art school. Remember, that the art world is made of people.” In sum, my goal is that students understand how personal experience through hard work, self-discovery, and collaboration connects the world with ourselves through an identity in art making.

Email: Thomas.A.Taylor@Lonestar.edu
Phone: 936.273.7201
Office: A-200D
Website: http://www.tommytaylorart.com
Degrees: B.F.A. University of Tennessee, M.A. University of Iowa, M.F.A. Goldsmiths College
Courses: Art Appreciation, 2-D Design, Painting

Robby Wood - Professor of Art

I believe artists must create, and by doing the process enough, good things will happen.

Email: Charles.R.Wood@Lonestar.edu
Phone: 936.273.7064
Office: A-200M
Website: Faculty Website
Degrees: M.F.A. The California State University Fullerton
Courses: Art Appreciation, Ceramics

Carlos Landa - Emeritus Professor of Art

Emeritus professor Carlos Landa passed away on Tuesday, October 29, 2019. Professor Landa started his career with Lone Star College on August 7, 1995. He taught Art Appreciation and Drawing and was beloved by his students and his colleagues. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten. 

Carlos Landa: Faculty Website


Part-Time Faculty

Carris Adams Carris.Adams@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Scott Bruce Scott.B.Bruce@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Dana Caldera Dana.Caldera@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Richard Carnley Richard.A.Carnley@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation, Art History
Mary Castagna Mary.C.Castagna@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Amber Chiozza Amber.E.Chiozza@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Robin Griffith Robin.Griffith@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation, Drawing 1
Lisa Harris Lisa.Harris@LoneStar.edu Photography 1 & 2
Katrina Kelly  Katrina.Kelly@LoneStar.edu Art History, Humanities
David Brandon Lee David.Lee@LoneStar.edu Drawing 1
Darren Longman Darren.Longman@LoneStar.edu Art History
Gina Miceli-Hoffman Gina.Miceli-Hoffman@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Jonathan Morgan Jonathan.P.Morgan@LoneStar.edu Art History
Shayne Murphy Shayne.J.Murphy@LoneStar.edu Drawing 1
Jonathan Read Jonathan.Read@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Skye Rudin Skye.Rudin@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Ashley Sheffield Ashley.K.Sheffield@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation, Art History
James Eric Thayer James.ThayerJr@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Shelly Truman Shelly.L.Truman@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation
Nohelia Vargas Nohelia.B.VargasBolivar@LoneStar.edu Art Appreciation, Drawing 1
Linda Woodward Linda.Woodward@LoneStar.edu Art History
Valerie Yaklin-Brown Valerie.K.Yaklin-Brown@LoneStar.edu Photography 1 & 2



Kerri Steen - Staff Assistant II

Email: Kerri.G.Steen@Lonestar.edu
Phone: 936-271-6246
Office: A-200

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