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Dual Credit Students and Disabilities Services

Lone Star College is committed to ensuring students with disabilities have equal access to LSC programs, services, and activities.

Did You Know…?

Dual Credit Students with Disabilities have the same access to LSC Disability Service Offices that other Lone Star College students have.

LSC Disability Service Providers are available to work with Dual Credit Students to determine eligibility and to identify and implement reasonable accommodations.

It is important for LSC Dual Credit students to know how to request accommodations and who to talk to. See the steps below to get started today.  

For general questions or for campus contact information, go to Disability Services  or call (281) 290-3676.

Getting Started:

1. Self-Identify.

Contact the LSC Disability Services Office where you are taking classes and self-identify as a student with a disability.

2. Request accommodations.

Forms and guidance are located at the Disability Services Office web page at Disability Services. College level and K-12 accommodations may differ because different laws apply. Ask for help understanding these differences, or view resources on our webpage

3. Provide documentation.

Students are responsible for providing documentation of disability. See Disability Services for more information about accepted documentation, as K-12 documentation may not fully satisfy LSC documentation requirements.

4. Actively engage.

You matter! LSC expects students to actively participate in all discussions and decision-making about your accommodations. Stay engaged!

For General Questions, or for campus contact information, 

go to Disability Services Disability Services at LSC-System Office can help!


Office: (281) 290-3676

Make LSC part of your story.