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Faculty Online Resources

Click the link below for faculty resources to help assist with online class conversion. Note that you can request one-on-one instructional support scheduling through Virtual Teaching Assistance Center (VTAC). 

LSC-Houston North Instructional Designer, Cynthia Shade is available for a 30-minute individual support sessions via WebEx. Please make only one appointment in order to leave times for others.

There are D2L Open Labs (via WebEx) scheduled all week. Look on the VTAC Event Calendar for days/times. 

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VTAC Support

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Professional Development

Our Mission:

  • To empower Lone Star College-Houston North faculty and staff with personal and professional development training based on our Houston North values:
    • Students First
    • Community Matters
    • Strategic Innovation
    • Collective Responsibility
  • To provide a safe environment to explore new ideas and discuss best practices with peers.
  • To support faculty and staff by offering innovative resources and learning opportunities that are easily accessible.

“At LSC-Houston North, We Inspire a Positive Learning Culture”

Professional Development

All full-time staff are eligible to participate in PSSA events and activities with supervisor approval.

PSSA Purpose

The purpose of the Association is to foster and facilitate communication on issues deemed critical between the Association’s members and the administration. Our purpose will create a climate of trust for discussion of problems in order to pursue solutions to staff issues. It will also, advance the professional growth of its members, while promoting training and activities that provide a positive working environment beneficial to the college.


Read LSC-Houston North PSSA ByLaw Document
For more information, email HN-PSSA@LoneStar.edu

Comment Box

PSSA welcomes all comments/ideas/suggestions. We like to hear when our organization has done an outstanding job. If you feel that we need improvement, please let us know. Either way, this is completely anonymous, unless you would like to be contacted. Access the comment box.

PSSA Spotlight

PSSA Council is hosts a weekly “PSSA Spotlight” in the President’s weekly Panther Prowl newsletter!
If you would like to share, please submit your story and a photo to HN-PSSA@LoneStar.edu

Meet the Officers

For more information, email HN-PSSA@LoneStar.edu

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LSC-Houston North Campus Committees

Below is a current list of the LSC-Houston North committees. If you are interested in serving on a campus committee or have question please contact Amanda Benavides Amanda.M.Benavides@LoneStar.edu

Campus Art Committee

To provide recommendations for improving the aesthetics of LSC-Houston North locations.Set standards for paint colors on walls, artwork, and other factors that impact the attractiveness of the locations.

CARE Center

The CARE Program Committee will identify, review, and recommend practices and procedures for the LSC-Houston North CARE Program to ensure students’ needs are recognized and potential resources are integrated into the campus culture.

Culture & Engagement

The LSC-Houston North Campus Culture & Engagement Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the President and others involved in decision-making related to Culture & Engagement whether that is related to policy, practice, or procedure. It will also contribute to and support the efforts of internal and external stakeholders as they provide culture focused activities and events important to the LSC-Houston North campus and community.

Mentoring Program

Provide oversight of the mentor program at LSC-Houston North by identifying, reviewing,
and recommending best practices.  The committee will empower and support the growth of our students by
providing resources for program development.

Professional Development

To develop a culture of professional development by (1) setting professional development themes for each academic year, (2) reviewing professional development requests and providing recommendations for approval, and (3) identifying and assisting in the creation of professional development activities (including return week activities).

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