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LSC COVID-19 Information

To find the vaccine in Texas please visit the Texas Department of State Health Service

Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty Online Resources

Click the link below for faculty resources to help assist with online class conversion. Note that you can request  one-on-one instructional support scheduling through Virtual Teaching Assistance Center (VTAC). 

LSC-Houston North Instructional Designer, Cynthia Shade is available for a 30-minute individual support sessions via WebEx. Please make only one appointment in order to leave times for others.

There are D2L Open Labs (via WebEx) scheduled all week. Look on the VTAC Event Calendar for days/times. 

Faculty Online Resources

Professional Development

Lone Star College-Houston North full-time employees are eligible to apply for funding for workshops, conferences, symposiums or related events. For more information, contact HN-ProfDev@LoneStar.edu

Professional Development Summer 2021 Calendar • All sessions are virtual on WebEx



Session and Facilitator

Mon, June 21

2–3 p.m.

HR Session: Progressive Discipline Procedures
Presented by: Ruth Hutyra and SOUP HR Team

Tue, June 22

12–1 p.m.

D2L Open Lab
Presented by: Cynthia Shade

Wed, June 23

1–2 p.m.

Self-Love, Self-Care
Presented by: Adriana Gonzalez

Thu, June 24

1–2 p.m.

Personal Development and Me
Presented by: Jesse Fontenot

Tue, June 29

12–1 p.m.

D2L Open Lab
Presented by: Cynthia Shade

Wed, June 30

12–1 p.m.

Feedback for Students using D2L
Presented by: Cynthia Shade

Thu, July 1

1–2 p.m.

It’s All About Me, Me, Me  – Making it an Experience, Not Just Customer Service, for our Students and Colleagues
Presented by: Reenie Stallings

Tue, July 6

12–1 p.m.

D2L Open Lab
Presented by: Cynthia Shade

Wed, July 7

1–2 p.m.

The Struggles of First-Generation Students in Higher Education
Presented by: Hector Rubio

Tue, July 13

12–1 p.m.

D2L Open Lab
Presented by: Cynthia Shade

Tue, July 14

1–2 p.m.

Positive Mindset
Presented by: Gisell Alfaro

Wed, July 15



Mon, July 19   First-Generation Undocumented Students
Presented by: Adriana Gonzalez
Tue, July 20   D2L Open Lab
Presented by: Cynthia Shade
Wed, July 21   The Four Pillars of the ADA
Presented by: Disability Services
Thu, July 22   Webex Meetings & New Extended Learning Classrooms With Webex
Presented by: Alex Mai
Mon, July 26   HR Session: How to Navigate Job Aids on the UPK (User Productivity Site)
Presented by: Ruth Hutyra and SOUP HR Team
Tue, July 27   D2L Open Lab
Presented by: Cynthia Shade
Wed, July 28   The Ultimate Goal Setting Process
Presented by: Chanel Provost
Thu, July 29   Library Services, Tell Me More
Presented by: Shawne Wilson
Tue, Aug 3   D2L Open Lab
Presented by: Cynthia Shade
Tue, Aug 3   Puente Texas Institute - Part II
Presented by: Puente Group
Wed, Aug 4   D2L Gradebook Setup
Presented by: Cynthia Shade
Thu, Aug 5   Debunking the Course Textbook and Redesigning Your Scheduled Assignments
Presented by: Dr. Jerica Nickerson
Tue, Aug 10   D2L Open Lab
Presented by: Cynthia Shade



Student/Mentee Alert

In the event that your student/mentee is in need of immediate assistance beyond what you can provide as a Mentor or is showing signs of disengagement, please continue to submit a mentee alert.
Student/Mentee Alert

Professional and Support Staff Association

All full-time staff are eligible to participate in PSSA events and activities with supervisor approval.

Click Here to view PSSA Information >>

LSC-Houston North Campus Committees

Below is a current list of the LSC-Houston North committees and its membership for Spring 2021 There are a couple of committees that will be reactivated Fall 2021 and considerations for additional ones. If you are interested in serving on a campus committee or have question please contact Amanda Benavides Amanda.M.Benavides@LoneStar.edu

Campus Art: To provide recommendations for improving the aesthetics of LSC-Houston North locations.
Set standards for paint colors on walls, artwork, and other factors that impact the attractiveness of the locations.

Executive Lead • Ashley Turner
Chair • Lauren Shafer

  • Irina Patten
  • Dr. John Maynard
  • Donna Kroll
  • Chanel Provost
  • Reenie Stallings
  • Fredrick Antwine
  • Justin Owens
  • Debra Britton

C.A.R.E.: To identify, review, and recommend practices and procedures for the LSC-Houston North Care Center to ensure students’ needs are recognized and potential resources are integrated into the campus culture

Executive Lead • Asley Turner
Chair • Brandi Ford

  • Denise Thompson
  • Dr. Hilton Lasalle
  • Joumana Azzam
  • Nirsi Maravilla
  • Dr. Debra Britton
  • Gabriela Sepulveda
  • Sam Harazin
  • Dana Jones
  • Ashley Bryant

Grants: To identify, review, and recommend grants for LSC-Houston North.

Executive Lead • Dr. Sheldon Moss
Chair • Ernesto Valenzuela

  • Dr. Angela Powell
  • Sara Azarpanah
  • Kisha Thomas
  • Jane Hakala-Buckner
  • Mark Barnes
  • Raymond Craft
  • Dr. Kelly Jacobs
  • Sheremetria Taylor
  • Ilse Granizo
  • Marilyn Martin
  • Scarlett Narvaez

Mentor: To identify, review, and recommend best practices for the LSC-Houston North mentor program

Executive Lead • Dr. Sheldon Moss
Chair • Ernesto Valenzuela

  • Kelly Schimmel
  • Dr. Hilton Lasalle
  • Dr. Stephen Washington
  • Julayne Salley
  • Damain Davis
  • Melvin McGowen
  • Shanna Keene
  • Cliff Johnson
  • Hiam El Dahouk
  • Dorothy Turner
  • Dr. Debra Britton
  • Hector Rubio
  • Dr. Jerica Nickerson
  • Dr. Rebecca Malter

Professional Development: To develop a culture of professional development by (1) setting professional development themes for each academic year, (2) reviewing professional development requests and providing recommendations for approval, and (3) identifying and assisting in the creation of professional development activities (including return week activities).

Executive Lead • Dr. Sheldon Moss
Chair • Dr. Sheldon Moss

  • Ernesto Valenzuela
  • Sylvia San Pedro
  • Mignette Y. Dorsey
  • Dr. Debra Britton
  • Ben Gregersen
  • Chris Hinajosa
  • Shawne Wilson
  • Dr. Jack Hernandez
  • Alice Long
  • Roxanne Williams
  • Kerri Barnes
  • Hector Rubio
  • Denise Flores

Student Engagement: To work with Student Services on developing various engagement opportunities for students.

Executive Lead- Dr. Kimberly Lowry
Chair- Dana Jones

  • Tony Diaz
  • Mark Fisher
  • Sophia Mrouri
  • Woody McLendon
  • Dr. Chris Trevino
  • Dr. Kathy Hughes
  • Gina Oanh Dinh
  • Sam Harazin
  • Itzel Pescador
  • Dr. Rebecca Malter
  • Chanel Provost
  • Denise Johnson

Fall Return Week Schedule TBA

We are excited to present our Return Week activities, and virtually reconnect with our colleagues. As we conclude our inaugural year, let us reflect and move forward with excitement as we plan to best serve our students and promote our Lone Star College-Houston North culture.

Fall Schedule TBA.

Schedule below.

Make LSC part of your story.