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To become a Promise Scholar, you must enroll in college this fall.

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Harris County Promise Frequently Asked Questions

What is Harris County Promise?
Harris County Promise is a partnership that covers the cost of tuition, fees, and assistance with books for up to three years at participating community colleges.

All Promise Scholars also receive a dedicated success coach to help them navigate college life.

Harris County Promise is launching in Aldine ISD this fall. This unique partnership will allow graduating seniors the option to become Promise Scholars. As a Promise Scholar, students receive a last dollar scholarship covering the cost of tuition, fees, and books assistance, and a dedicated success coach while in college.

Aldine ISD

  • Aldine High School
  • Eisenhower High School
  • Nimitz High School

How Do I Become A Promise Scholar?

To become a Promise Scholar students must complete four steps:

  1. Complete the Promise Pledge Form by February 5
    Pledge can be found at www.harriscountypromise.org.
    (Please use your full legal name and information. Your pledge is not complete until you see a submission confirmation).
  2. Apply to Lone Star College by April 2
    (Applications can be accessed through ApplyTexas.)
  3. Submit the FAFSA or TASFA by May 7
    Complete the FAFSA or TASFA and ensure Lone Star College receives it by contacting their financial aid department.
    (Visit Financial Aid for help and resources).
  4. Enroll in Lone Star College by July 16
    Complete all enrollment steps, including enrolling in Fall 2021 classes, sending your final transcript, and completing financial aid verification.

Promise Scholar Benefits

  • GUARANTEED: Promise students who are Texas residents (have lived in Texas for at least 1 year) & meet application deadlines are guaranteed to have their tuition and fees covered at their Promise partner college.
  • ALL MEANS ALL: Options for ALL Texas resident seniors at participating high schools regardless of income or high school GPA, including DACA/DREAMers.
  • STUDENT SUPPORT: Assistance with books and a college success coach to help students navigate college life.
  • NO OBLIGATION: Promise Pledge must be complete by February 7 to remain eligible, but there may be better college and financial aid options outside of Promise decide what is the best fit college option for you!

Last Dollar Scholarship

The Promise Scholarship fills the gap between the cost of tuition & fees and the amount covered by grants & scholarships. Promise funds are not paid to students directly.

  • Tuition & Fees State/Federal Other Scholarships = PROMISE
  • How Aid is Applied

           1st Federal and/or State grants
           2nd Other Scholarships
           3rd Promise Scholarship (fills the gap)

Keeping Your Promise Scholarship

  • ENROLL FULL TIME: You must enroll full-time (in at least 12 credit hours) every fall and spring semester, beginning in Fall 2021.
  • PASS YOUR CLASSES: You must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA each semester (beginning in your 2nd semester of enrollment.)
  • GET SUPPORT: You must check in with your success coach at least once each semester.
  • REAPPLY FOR FAFSA/TASFA: You must complete a FAFSA or TASFA (English) TASFA (Spanish) every year of participation.

Promise Panel Presentations 

Recorded Promise Panels

English Presentations
Completing the ApplyTexas Application
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Financial Aid
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Programs, Degree Plans, and Course Offerings
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Spanish Presentations
Cómo Completar la Aplicación ApplyTexas
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Ayuda Financiera
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Programas, Planes Académicos y Cursos
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For more information about Harris County Promise, contact  LSC-HCPromise@Lonestar.edu.

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