Room Reservation Requests

LSC-North Harris Room Reservation Process and Procedures

All room reservation requests are now overseen by the Facilities department. Please see the updated procedures for room scheduling and setup below.

As of January 4, 2016, LSC-North Harris will be charging external organizations for renting facilities at the campuses for each individual use. Rates are based on the classification of the organization, hours used, type of facility and other determining factors. All rental requests are subject for approval. LSCS may cancel or relocate the event at any time to accommodate an LSCS activity.

As of January 7, 2016, LSC-North Harris will no longer accommodate requests for multiple meetings per month.


Campus Room Scheduling Procedures:

The Administrative Services Facilities team now manages all room reservations for Internal requests (for LSC employees/student clubs) and External requests (for groups/organizations outside of the college). Internal requests must be submitted through 25Live Pro for approval and scheduling (Note: This excludes class scheduling) and all external requesters must us the External Organization Facility Request Form (external requesters will not have access to use 25Live Pro). Please submit your request no later than fourteen (14) days before the scheduled event and allow forty-eight (48) hours for processing to meet the 7-day lead time for approval. For more information regarding external reservations contact Benae Hood at Benae.M.Hood@LoneStar.edu and for internal reservations contact Mayra Rodriguez at Mayra.Rodriguez@LoneStar.edu.

The Office of Public Relations gives approval for the use of the Conference Center, conference rooms and the following teaching theaters on requests received from Facilities. To request the use of these spaces, submit your request in 25Live Pro (internal) or External Organization Facility Request Form (external). The request will be marked “Tentative” until Facilities receives approval from Public Relations. Once approval is granted, your requests will be confirmed in the system. You can check the status of your request by logging into 25Live Pro and searching your reference number (ex. 2023-ADSNAD) under "Events." If a request is not approved, please contact Benae.M.Hood@LoneStar.edu or Mayra.Rodriguez@lonestar.edu for an update.

  • Academic Building (ACAD) room A-126
  • Continuing Education (CMED) room CE-101
  • Conference Center (SSB) rooms SB-208A, SB-208B, and SB-208C – based on demand, please submit a request thirty (30) days in advance to book this space. Sections will be reserved based on expected attendance and room capacity. There is a (45) minimum attendance requirement to book any section of the Conference Center.

Note: Requests submitted through 25Live Pro are marked as tentative until approved.  Once approved, you will receive a system generated email confirmation that will include an event number. In special circumstances, if your event needs to be moved to another location, the facilities team or an event coordinator will send written notification and assist in an efficient transition.

If you have questions regarding these procedures, please contact Benae.M.Hood@LoneStar.edu or Mayra.Rodriguez@lonestar.edu.

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External Organization Facility Request:

Room Rental Rates

External Organization Facility Request Form

Internal Facility Request:

25Live Pro Room Request

25Live Pro Instructions

Additional Work Orders:

All work orders are the responsibility of the requestor. 25Live Pro is for room reservations only. If you are planning an event, be sure to submit your additional work orders for room set-up immediately after receiving a confirmation that your room request has been approved.

Facilities: TMA work orders - tables, chairs, podium, stage set up

Be advised, the following services have different submission deadlines.

A/V Requests: Lone Star Service-Now - PowerPoint, microphones, speakers, set up, and Wi-Fi (two weeks minimum prior to event date)

Catering: contact on-site café caterer or select from the Lone Star College approved vendors list

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