Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is a security measure that requires anyone off campus or not connected to the Lone Star College network to use a two-step process to prove their identity.

Multi-Factor Authentication is sometimes called two-factor authentication or two-step verification and is often abbreviated as MFA. No matter what you call it, MFA is a cybersecurity measure for an account that requires anyone signing in to prove their identity with more than just entering a password. ?It makes it twice as hard for criminals to access an online account.

How do I set up MFA on my LSC account?

Takes less than 5 minutes in most cases!

  1. Go to LoneStar.edu/MFA-Setup and log in using your LSC email address and password.
  2. Choose your preferred method of verification. The options are:
    Option 1 – Receive a Verification Code by Text message (Message and data rates may apply)
    Employees, if you use VPN to connect to the network when off-site, it is recommended that you do not choose text as your default verification option.
    Option 2 – Receive a Verification Code by Phone Call (Call rates may apply)
    Option 3 – Use the Microsoft Authenticator App on Your Mobile Phone
    Option 4 – Use a Different Authenticator App on Your Mobile Phone
    f you are already using Duo or another authenticator app for another institution, you can add your Lone Star College account to your existing authenticator app.

    If you do not want to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, click I want to set up a different method in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    screenshot with an arrow pointing to the lower left side where the "I want to set up a different method" link is located
  3. Complete the steps necessary to set up your preferred verification method.

Step-by-Step Instructions Are Available

For step-by-step instructions with screenshots, click the link below (if prompted, log into ServiceNow using your LSC credentials):

To read more about MFA, review all of the step-by-step setup instructions, and review the FAQs, go to Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on Your LSC Account.

En Español: Configurar la Autenticación Multi-Factor (MFA) en tu Cuenta de LSC


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