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Leadership Development

Organizational Development offers six leadership development programs for employees. These include The Chancellor's Next Generation Leadership Academy, Lone Star College Leadership Academy, Leadership Excellence And Development Program (LSC-LEAD 2.0), Leadership Education Advancement Program (LSC-LEAP), Rising Star Institute, and Career Development Coaching.

The Chancellor's Next Generation Leadership Academy

The Chancellor's Next Generation Leadership Academy is designed to develop a new generation of higher education professionals prepared to lead by understanding learning analytics, educational ecosystems, design thinking, entrepreneurial partnerships, and organizational culture. This program is delivered as a partnership with Civitas Learning.

Lone Star College Leadership Academy

As Lone Star College's premier Leadership Development program, The Academy is committed to growing, supporting and celebrating Lone Star College’s current and emerging leaders by encouraging Fellows to lead from where they are. The Academy prepares individuals for future service to Lone Star College, our students, and our communities through a curriculum that inspires a personal leadership transformation. The program focuses on philosophical and theoretical aspects of leadership, collaboration, problem solving, strategic thinking, and personal awareness.  The American Association of Community College's (AACC) Core Competencies for Community College Leaders are foundational to the program's curriculum.

Leadership Excellence And Development Program

The Leadership Excellence and Development Program (LSC-LEAD 2.0) is a completely new program for Lone Star College and was launched in Fall 2019. It is designed specifically to develop employees to become effective influencers and communicators within Lone Star College. LSC-LEAD 2.0 focuses on managing teams, coaching skills, other influencing behaviors that equip participants with the skill set needed to succeed in management roles.

Leadership Education Advancement Program

The Lone Star College Leadership Education Advancement Program (LSC-LEAP) is a year-long leadership and career development program for non-exempt staff members across Lone Star College. Participants engage in a curriculum that focuses on personal leadership development while also providing a focus on career advancement. Ultimately, the goal of LSC-LEAP is to provide non-exempt staff with engaging learning opportunities that lead to growth and career advancement at Lone Star College. LSC-LEAP empowers participants to lead from their current position.

Rising Star Institute

The Rising Star Institute is a leadership development program designed to serve as a succession-planning tool for Lone Star College and to position participants for future service at Lone Star College. The program focuses on characteristics of successful Lone Star College leaders and understanding the operational functions that are essential to leaders at Lone Star College.

Career Development Coaching

The Career Development coaching experience is structured to provide coaching opportunities for Lone Star College employees. Coaches are selected and paired based upon both the coach and coachee’s role at Lone Star College, career interests, and professional experience. By participating in this program, employees will have the opportunity to develop themselves and impact their colleagues and the college in a meaningful way.

Leadership Development Alumni Association

After successfully graduating from The Academy, LSC-LEAD, LSC-LEAP, The Chancellor's Next Generation Leadership Academy, or Rising Star Institute, employees automatically become members of the Leadership Development Alumni Association. Each year, alumni have opportunities to improve their leadership skills through professional development, networking, and community outreach. Alumni members are also encouraged to be active advocates in recruiting applicants for the next leadership development cohorts and assisting with the promotion of the Lone Star College Leadership Brand.



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