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The Spring 2021 Student Art Showcase is available to view on the Bosque Gallery Website here. You can also enjoy featured pieces on view from the Center for the Arts lobby.

Student Show Spring 2021 Winners

Best Of Show

Perry Hutcheson “Ramen and Repeat”  [Design]


  1. Benjamin Soderberg “T4T Lovers”
  2. Andreana Cubillan “Loneliness of Home”
  3. Nguyen, Leslie “Identity Crisis”

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Tai “Party Disco”

Advanced Studio

  1. Ling Guerin “Lady Mama”
  2. Ann Fuhring “Whataburger: Manna in the Desert”
  3. Julia Espino “Sunkissed”

Honorable Mention: Charlotte Higdon “Feelings”


  1. Yarah Franco Gonzales “In His Image”
  2. Ashley Serna “The Soothing Waves”
  3. Brittany Excoffier “Into The Unknown”

Honorable Mention: Chelsea Sneed “Five Pears”


  1. Maria Chavez “Confussion”
  2. Ben Soderberg, “Waves”
  3. Paulina Llanas “Base Point”

Honorable Mention: Mackenzie Brunnenmeyer “Boobie Shakers”


  1. Sara Mendez “Home of Mushroom Land”
  2. Julia Espino “Child’s Play”
  3. Leslie Nguyen “Funky Demise”

Honorable Mention: Lilian Oyenuga “Tranquility”


  1. Ada Rodriguez “I am proud of myself”
  2. Maria Laina “Seagull”
  3. Felix Duque “Ravine”

"Some Things Just Hurt" is still available to view on the Bosque Gallery website here.

  • Instagram Live Interview available on Bosque Gallery Instagram @bosquegallery
  • If you don't have social media, click here to view the interview on the LSC-CyFair Arts YouTube channel.

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