LSC-CyFair Transfer Services FAQs

Welcome to our FAQ page for LSC-CyFair Transfer Services.

Please see below for the answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email CF-TransferServices@lonestar.edu to have it answered and added to this page in the future.

What are the minimum amount of hours needed to transfer?

The minimum amount of hours required to transfer is dependent on the university and/or your intended major. The average minimum amount of hours and range from 12-30 credit hours, however, some universities will accept less if you meet freshman admissions standards (such as SAT/ACT scores) and some universities may require more hours or an Associates degree (for programs such as Nursing).

What is the minimum GPA to transfer?

Each university has a minimum GPA requirement for transferring as well as a higher GPA requirement for specific majors (such as Engineering or Business). Be sure to check the university website for their guidelines. Some competitive universities and programs may not have a minimum GPA, but have an average GPA of those admitted and can be used as a guideline for GPA targets.

Do I need to complete my Associates degree to transfer?

No. Depending on the university or program, you may be able to transfer with less credits than what is required for the Associates. Some universities may want a student to transfer with the minimum requirements in order to start working in the program immediately. There are also programs and universities that require an Associates or would prefer an Associates - some universities even offer scholarships for students with their AA/AS completed prior to transferring!

I am on track to receive an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree - can I still transfer?

Yes! However, many programs and universities will only accept some of the credits from the AAS, which are usually the academic credits earned (ENGL 1301 or MATH 1314). There are some universities and programs that will accept the entire AAS degree and apply it towards a BAAS (Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences).

Will a grade of D transfer?

Most Texas public universities are looking for grades of C- or higher to transfer. Although the D may not transfer, it will count towards your GPA calculation. However, there are a few universities that will accept a grade of D and apply the credit towards your degree.

Will universities take my grade replacement?

Although grade replacements are a great way to raise your GPA here at Lone Star College, there are some universities that do not consider grade replacements in GPA. In cases where grades in courses that are retaken are not replaced, the university will average the GPA of the original and the replacement grades for a new GPA. Be sure to check university requirements before applying to understand how they consider grade replacements - there are many universities that take your grade replacements! If you want to calculate your GPA, you can do so here.

How do I know what university I should apply to and attend?

Choosing a university to apply to is a big decision. There are multiple factors that need to be considered, such as: location, cost of attendance, majors offered, campus culture, and many others. Majors offered should be one of the first reasons of choosing an institution - if they do not offer the program you want to study, then the university is probably not one of your top choices. Location is another large factor to consider: if you need to stay close for work or family, then that should be another determining factor. Cost of attendance can determine whether or not you choose a public or private institution. Asking a university representative for more information about scholarships, cost of attendance and different types of programs is a great way to make a decision of where to apply and where to attend. Transfer Services recommends visiting a campus before applying to really get the feel of the campus culture and what it would be like to be a student at that campus.


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