LSC-University Park Developmental English Department

Developmental English

LSC-University Park Developmental English courses polish literacy skills reading, writing, listening and speaking to prepare students for success in college-level courses. Students become efficient readers and writers by creating a toolbox of strategies for both academic and work environments.

Developmental English classes include ENGL 1301 NCBO, a composition and rhetoric course for students who need extra support in writing and reading. Students enroll concurrently in ENGL 1301 and a one or two-hour lab course as determined by placement test scores. Developmental English faculty are not only trained in teaching reading and writing, but also are specialists in teaching adult learners who need additional support.

English Department Brochure

Frank Rodriguez
Acting Dean of Instruction
281.290.3770 | B12.115B

Suzanne Weatherly, Ed. D.
Department Chair
Professor of English
281.290.3759 | B13.820

Brian L. Reeves, M.A.
Department Lead
Professor of English & Developmental English
281.290.3749 | B13.814

Paula Khalaf, M.A.
Professor of English & Developmental English
281.290.2916 | B13.815

Elizabeth Peña, M.A.
Professor of English & Developmental English
281.290.2762 | B13.706

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