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VPA Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new Visual & Performing Arts Center

Visual & Performing Arts Building: Opening 2024 

Empowering passion. Cultivating leadership. Leaving legacy. 

Our mission is to provide the community college students of Northwest Houston access to essential language and cultural skills needed to have a community base that can analyze social contexts and appreciate the foundations of artistic expression.

Welcome to Lone Star College-University Park and the Division of Arts and Humanities. It is our honor to provide you an opportunity to explore your dreams and passions. As future leaders, it is imperative that you achieve the critical thinking skills that are needed in today’s society. Our nationally recognized faculty will push and challenge you. In addition, we hope to see you at one of the many of our events that our division will be hosting this Fall. For more information, please continue to visit our Events page, as we continually update our ongoing events that include musical concerts, author visits, and guest history lectures. Welcome to your future! 

LSC-University Park's Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Racism Statement

LSC-UP is committed to eliminating all forms of racism and discrimination by modeling inclusive learning and work environments for students and employees. LSC-UP dismantles barriers for the underrepresented student and commits to ongoing self-examination of our teaching, learning, and operations. By honoring the experiences and cultural capital that each person brings, we strive to create opportunities for all to succeed. We embrace diversity because it enriches everyone’s experience; we advance equity because it is necessary for democracy; we cultivate inclusion because together we achieve greater goals.

As our community’s college, we move beyond equity in access to achieve equity in outcomes. If you experience or witness discrimination, we welcome your communication.

Jonathan Anderson, M.M. 
Dean of Instruction, Arts & Humanities
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Monday: 7:00am - 10:00pm
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Saturday: 8:00am - 3:00pm
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Department Chairs

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Aaron Alon, D.M.A.
B12.110  |  281.290.5009

Dept. Lead - Amy.Sluis@Lonestar.edu

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Visual & Performing Arts
Visual Communications
Art Scholarships 
Art Department
Drama Scholarships 
Drama Department
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Music Department

Bonnie Duhart, MA/MBA/M.Ed. 
ESOL, Modern Languages: FREN, SPAN
B13.865  |  281.290.5061

ESOL Department Brochure

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Modern Languages Department 

Matthew Keyworth, Ph. D.
B13.807  |  281.290.5056

Dept. Lead - Kevin.S.Tucker@Lonestar.edu
Dept. Lead - Amy.M.Young@Lonestar.edu

History, Humanities & Philosophy
Department Brochure

History Department
Humanities Department
Philosophy Department

Suzanne Weatherly, Ed. D.
ENGL, Co-Requisites, Developmental English
B13.820  |  281.290.3759

Dept. Lead - Brian.L.Reeves@Lonestar.edu
Dept. Lead - Chelsea.J.Davis-Bibb@Lonestar.edu
Dept. Lead - Roger.Rodriguez@Lonestar.edu

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Developmental English
English Department
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Important Semester Dates

Academic Calendar

Fall 2023 Session

Term Session Begin Date Syllabus Due Official Day (ODR) Midpoint Day (MDR) W Day End Date Grades Due in iStar
1238 1 - Regular Academic Session 08/28/23 08/28/23 09/11/23 11/03/23 11/13/23 12/17/23 12/19/23
1238 8W1 - 8 Week Session 1 08/28/23 08/28/23 09/04/23 10/02/23 10/04/23 10/18/23 10/20/23
1238 15K - 15 Wk Wkend Session 09/08/23 09/08/23 09/18/23 11/06/23 11/13/23 12/17/23 12/19/23
1238 14A - 14 Week Session 1 09/11/23 09/11/23 09/20/23 11/07/23 11/14/23 12/17/23 12/19/23
1238 12A - 12 Week Session 1 09/25/23 09/25/23 10/03/23 11/13/23 11/17/23 12/17/23 12/19/23
1238 8W2 - 8 Week Session 2 10/25/23 10/25/23 10/30/23 11/30/23 12/04/23 12/17/23 12/19/23
1238 37A - 37 Week Session 1 08/28/23 08/28/23 09/11/23 02/12/24 02/29/24 05/12/24 05/14/24



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