CARE for Completion

Are you currently experiencing a crisis? While there are many on-campus and local resources provided in the graphic links below, situations that present an immediate threat to persons or property are considered emergencies and should be directed to the local police department by calling 911 (or 5911 from any campus phone). Click here for further resources regarding suicide prevention, other crisis/emergency services and basic needs assistance. If you need help specifically with Domestic Violence, please visit  National Domestic Violence Hotline for more information. If you need help with essential resources and services (e.g., food, shelter, crisis intervention, etc.), please contact 211 help.

You have goals - our goal is to help you achieve them!

At Lone Star College, we don't want anything to throw you off course to achieving your educational goals. We understand that if you have concerns about meeting some of life's basic needs, you can be distracted from your path to success. Click on a service below to connect to the services at each campus as well as some that are provided by local agencies. If you can't find the information you need here, please reach out to a counselor on your campus.



CARE for Completion - Food CARE for Completion - Clothing

Employment / Career

Mental Health / Wellness / Substance Abuse

CARE for Completion - Employment CARE for Completion - Wellness

LSC Academic Support

Housing / Finances / Legal

CARE for Completion - LSC Academic Support CARE for Completion - Finances

Child Care / Student Parents

Off-Campus Resources

CARE for Completion - Student Parents CARE for Completion - Off-campus resources

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