Resources Available to Students

The LSC TechConnect program offers digital resources such as laptops and iPads for long-term checkout complete with a variety of software - all as a benefit of being a student at LSC! Students with their own equipment can also download software at no extra cost.

Credit Students must be enrolled in 6 hours. Non-Credit Students must be enrolled in 1 class.




Request your Device

Request your device at myLoneStar > Student Home Page > LSC TechConnect

HP Laptop - available now
Apple iPads - available now


Pick up and Set Up a Device

Visit the Office of Technology Services


Return a Device

Pay it forward and let someone else borrow the device. An unreturned device will result in a hold on your account and may result in charges for the value of the device.


After a short digital skills survey you can download all available software (Click the icons below to download).

Office 365
Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.




Explore All Software Available

Get started by taking a short digital skills survey.

Prohibited Technology

In order to comply with the December 7, 2022 directive by Governor Abbott, Lone Star College created the Lone Star College Prohibited Technologies Security Policy which includes a list of software, applications (including TikTok), and hardware products identified as being security concerns that will be removed and/or blocked on all LSC-owned devices. This includes LSC-owned cell phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, and other internet-capable devices. The listed "prohibited technologies" are not to be installed or used on any personal devices used to conduct College business, which includes accessing any College-owned data, applications, email accounts, non-public facing communications, iStar, and any other College-owned databases or applications. The Lone Star College Prohibited Technologies Security Policy applies to all LSC full- and part-time employees including contractors, paid or unpaid interns, and other users of state networks.



Check on the status of your hardware

myLoneStar > Student > Request a Student Device > Check Status Of Application


Need Technical Help?

Open a live chat (go to LoneStar.edu/ServiceCenter-OTS and select "Click for Live Chat" button at the bottom of the page)

Student FAQs

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