LSC-University Park Visual Communication Department

Visual Communications Department

The Visual Communication program aims to create an engaging learning environment for students, focusing on graphic design and web design. Courses cover advertising and publication design, interactive media, and multimedia design, preparing students for designer/client relationships and emphasizing conceptual communication. Graduates find opportunities in design services, publishing, advertising, public relations, and related fields.

The program offers certificates in graphic design and web design, and an Associate of Arts in Visual Communication degree. These certificates provide a core understanding of specific areas without additional academic requirements, benefiting working professionals seeking to update or expand their industry knowledge and skills.

Visual Communication Degree Checklist 

The Learning Innovation Labs


Visual Communication students are allowed to use the lab as part of their learning experience.
The Learning Innovation Labs (LIL) includes all the equipment below:

Flashforge Guider IIs – 3D printed parts with industrial-grade accuracy and quality

Flashforge Finder – 3D printer with non-toxic PLA filament; all heated elements are protected from touch

Dremel DigiLab – clog resistant, smooth 3D prints with filament run-out detection to resume printing where you left off and built-in an automatic leveling sensor for precision leveling and even more reliable printing

Flashforge Inventor II – 3D printer with built-in HD camera and filament run-out detection

Stratasys F190CR – prints high-strength carbon fiber 3D models up to 12” x 10” x 12” in size

Dimension BST-SST 1200es – 3D printer that creates functional, durable models in production-quality thermoplastic from 3D CAD files

Boxzy – a three-in-one machine that includes 3D Printing, CNC Milling, and Laser Engraving

Oryx sca1200ht – automated support removal of 3D printed parts while maintaining critical dimensions on delicate and intricate part geometry

Aside from our small and large 3D printers, we also have 3Doodler pens available for creative drawing. The pens heat plastic that flows from the pen nozzle, allowing 3D structures to be drawn mid-air

DSV Direct to Film (DTF) Printer – for vibrantly colored, high resolution and complex designs, customize the graphic and print it onto transfer film using special ink formulated for excellent washability, then shake on powder adhesive & bake it to set the design, lastly using the enduraPRESS heat press to transfer the design from the film to the garment

Vinyl Cutting on Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 – create custom vinyl banners, decals, letters, stickers, labels, or graphics in heat transfer vinyl for t-shirts or other apparel

HP DesignJet L25500 – easily print banners and posters with indoor quality and outdoor durability, prints in high quality and comes off the printer dry and ready to use

HP Designet T930 – professional-quality prints anywhere from 11” to 36” in size

Glowforge Pro – cut, score, and engrave wood, acrylic, and leather with an easy to use, powerful laser

Inventables Carvey – 3D carving machine for milling and engraving wood, metal, and plastic

Ozobot Evo – desktop robot that follows along a defined track and changes course based on colored marker cues (a no programming level of use) or program the robots using Google’s Blockly at five different skill levels

Sphero Bolt – spherical programmable robot (comprised of motors, LEDs, encoders, processors, Bluetooth technology, and gyroscopes) used to play games, create programs, or complete challenges

Anki Cozmo Robot – small AI robot with advanced sensors and cameras that responds in a human-like way, learning and adapting from human encounters; can be used simply with pre-defined actions via a smartphone or programmed with Code Lab using Python

Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kits – build and fly your own drone using cardboard arms with conductive silver ink or use the provided plastic testing arms

High quality digital cameras with a green screen or black backdrop, and multiple light stands for different lighting and filtering configurations.

Need a break from homework and studying? Grab a VR headset or play one of many video games!

Our lab includes multiple HP and Macbook Pro laptop computers, iPad Pros, and desktop computers for easy transfer of files to lab equipment and independent study time.

Spring 2024 semester hours:
Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
- Located at The Energy & Manufacturing Institute (EMI) building, Room 110

For further details about The Learning Innovation Labs, please contact:
UP-InnovationRoom@LoneStar.edu or by calling 281.290.2893

More Information & Area-Specific Course Offerings

Total Credit Hours Required for Certificate: 48

First Semester Credits / Units: 15

Second Semester Credits / Units: 15

Third Semester Credits / Units: 15

Fourth Semester Program Capstone Credits / Units: 3

Total Credit Hours Required for Certificate: 48

First Semester Credits / Units: 15

Second Semester Credits / Units: 15

Third Semester Credits / Units: 15

Fourth Semester Program Capstone Credits / Units: 3

Prerequisite: Completion of the Level 2 Certificate in one of the following areas: 3D Animation ProgramGraphic Design ProgramMotion Graphics ProgramMultimedia Designer ProgramVideo and Post Production ProgramWeb Design Program

Total Credit Hours Required for Degree: 60

Fourth Semester Credits / Units: 12

For further details about the LSC University Park - Visual Communication Department, please contact:

Frank Rodriguez
Acting Dean of Instruction
B12.115B | 281.290.3770

Aaron Alon, D.M.A.
Department Chair
B12.110 | 281.290.5009

Lauren Gadson
Associate Professor of Visual Communications
B13.602B | 281.401.5302




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