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Well-prepared future teachers are being molded every semester with an Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree at LSC-University Park!

Field Experience Handbook

Why should students enroll in our teacher education courses at LSC-University Park?

Award-winning and highly trained instructors 
Innovative service learning program
Best practices
Field trips and hands-on learning
Leadership and enrichment activities

Why pursue an Associates of Arts in Teaching (AAT) at LSC-University Park?

Save money
Increase job marketability
Easy transfer to universities

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our program.


Dave Gaer
Dean of Instruction 
Office: B12.603C

Michael Donnelly
Department Chair
Professor of Education
Office: NRB.209H

Barbara Seals, PhD
Department Lead - Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) Program
Associate Professor of Education
Advisor - Teachers2B Club
Office: B12.604

Sandra Van Alstine
Department Lead EDUC 1300
Professor of Education
Office: B12.728

Keita Ford
Professor of Education
Office: NRB.209A

Jessica Mercado
Assistant Professor of Education
Office: B12.633

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