ESOL Reading 3

ESOL 0363 / ESOLC 3006301     ESOL Reading III

Course Description:  This course continues to develop English-language studentsí reading and vocabulary skills for personal, academic and professional purposes using a wide variety of text types and topics.   The course includes extensive practice in reading and comprehending multi-page articles, narratives, reports, editorials, opinion essays, and reference materials, and writing related responses. Focus is on interpretation of factual material, drawing inferences and conclusions, and paraphrasing and summarizing selected passages. Writing is required to complement reading activities. This course carries institutional credit but will not transfer and may not be used to meet degree requirements. Prerequisite: ESOL 0362 or placement by exam. 32.01085212

Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  1. Identify stated or implied main ideas and supporting details in moderately demanding texts.
  2. Outline and summarize passages and paraphrase ideas.
  3. Extract both literal and inferential information from graphs, charts, diagrams, flowcharts, photographs, and other illustrations.
  4. Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words or familiar words in new contexts by using context clues and word forms.
  5. Use resource materials, such as a monolingual English dictionary, to identify meanings, pronunciation, grammatical forms, and appropriate use of unfamiliar vocabulary.

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