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GRIT Summit 2021

The LSC-Tomball Grit Committee is excited to celebrate the 6th annual Grit Summit.  The theme for Grit Summit 2021 is Grit, Grace, and Gratitude: Rising from Challenge to Change. 

WHEN: Friday, October 15, 9 am - 1 pm
WHERE: via WebEx (Registrants will be sent a link)

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We have all experienced unexpected challenges since we welcomed the year 2020. Presenters will share their stories of how Grit has impacted their lives. Whether itís overcoming setbacks, taking risks, leaps of faith, persevering despite failure, fear, or adversity, there is always something gained or learned in these moments.

Presenters will submit proposals that align with the tracks Gritty, Gracious, and Grateful as described below. Presentation formats can include lectures, interactive sessions, roundtable discussion, workshops, or scholarly research to name a few. On your submission form, please indicate the type of presentation format you prefer.   Please be prepared to deliver a 45-minute presentation.

We invite you to submit a proposal related to one of the following tracks:

Gritty: Pushing through obstacles with the effort to get an outcome you want.

Everyone goes through tough experiences, and the last year and a half has been especially hard. Gritty people strive to bounce back from failure or disappointment and have the fortitude to stick with things until they are finished, even when faced with adversity. Your Grittiness helps you get through the hard and uncertain times, and not just endure them, but learn and grow from them. Where has your GRIT manifested itself, either during COVID or in other challenging times? 

Gracious:  Showing compassion, forgiveness and kindness to others and yourself!

Grace is not always easy to define and is so much more personal. As we navigate the world around us there are times we must display compassion, understanding, and gentleness to those we encounter and also to ourselves. Grace is proactively accepting, caring, supporting, and cheering on others as they journey down their paths, while extending that joy to yourself in your own pursuit of your goals. What is a time when you have learned to extend grace (forgiveness, patience, giving, acceptance) to yourself, or to another person?

Grateful:  The satisfaction of being happy, committed and/or optimistic about your life. 

Gratitude grounds us in the soil of positivity and prevents us from becoming victims of our circumstances. Look back. Remember the hard work. Think about the people who helped you get through. Celebrate the experience. And recognize that you have grown, you are stronger, you are more able to face the next thing that comes along because of the totality of your journey. Gratitude means celebrating all of the good moments...and appreciating those that challenge us. What experiences are you grateful for? How did you get to a space of gratitude?

Proposals are due September 13, 2021 - Click here to submit a proposal
Presenters will be announced September 17, 2021



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