LSC-Montgomery Humanities Department

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Why take Humanities? Humanities are an important part of our college core requirements and have a variety of benefits. This study is, in its essence, the study of culture and how these aspects such as history, philosophy, literature, the visual and performing arts , to name a few areas, reflect a specific culture, time period and that relationship itself to the world. It opens one’s eyes to the fascinating aspects of the world throughout history. Images from art history are integrated to make this an appealing course for anyone, regardless of their academic interests. Humanities 1301 is not a prerequisite for Humanities 1302. Students may take either or both depending on required courses and preferences. We offer classes during traditional day hours, Saturdays and LSC-Online.






David Benzel
Dean of TEAM Division
936-273-7092 David.P.Benzel@lonestar.edu F-252
Emmy Levine
Department Chair of ARTS, Humanities, and Drama
 936-273-7078 Emmy.Levine@lonestar.edu A-200N
Darren Longman
Department Lead of ARTS, Humanities, and Drama
936-273-7233 Darren.Longman@lonestar.edu A-200F


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