II.N.1. Policy
The College’s Institutional Review Board strives to safeguard the rights and welfare of subjects at risk in any research activity regardless of the source of supporting funds for the research. The Institutional Review Board provides ethical and or scientific review of research involving human subjects conducted by the College to the extent necessary to comply with applicable law. The Institutional Review Board process also ensures that the College is aware of research involving College faculty, staff, employees, or students.

II.N.2. Applicability
All research activities involving College faculty, staff, employees, or students must be reviewed by the College’s Institutional Review Board. This includes research activities conducted by researchers who are not affiliated with the College.

II.N.3. Institutional Review Board Membership
The Institutional Review Board must have at least one member with professional experience to provide appropriate scientific and ethical review and at least one member whose primary concerns are nonscientific. The Institutional Review Board should strive to have a membership that reflects the student population. The Institutional Review Board should be comprised of (a) the Institutional Review Board Chair, who should be a College faculty member, (b) a member from each college who is appointed by that college’s president, and (c) at least one member who is not affiliated with the College. Current Institutional Review Board members will participate in training new members.

II.N.4. Review Process
The Institutional Review Board Chair determines whether research moves forward for review by the full Institutional Review Board or whether the research methods can be approved or disapproved as submitted. The Chancellor or designee shall appoint a person or department to be the Institutional Review Board Administrator. The Institutional Review Board Administrator catalogs research applications, reviews the applications and supporting documents for completeness, corresponds with applicants, maintains the Institutional Review Board webpage, and prepares decision letters.

II.N.5. Procedures
The Chancellor or designee may adopt Chancellor’s Procedures to supplement and clarify this policy.

LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 13, 2022.

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