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How to be Successful in Math (Word doc) 

Pearson MyLab Math online learning products, deliver customizable content and highly personalized study paths, responsive learning tools, and real-time evaluation and diagnostics. MyLab and Mastering products give educators the ability to move each student toward the moment that matters most—the moment of true understanding and learning.

ALEKS is a learning and assessment system for Math classes. It uses AI to determine each student's precise knowledge, then it helps students work on the topics they are ready to learn. ALEKS digital content provides comprehensive course coverage. Students who do their ALEKS assignments are successful in their course!

TEAM Division Contacts

Name Phone Office
David Benzel
Dean of TEAM Division
936.273.7092 David.P.Benzel@LoneStar.edu F-252
Habib Far
Chair of Mathematics
Faculty Web Site
936.273.7093 Habib.Y.Far@lonestar.edu F-244

Mathematics Faculty and Staff

Name Phone Office
Dr. Scott Caldwell
Faculty Website
936.273.7248 Patrick.S.Caldwell@LoneStar.edu F-349
Andrea Cordaway
936.273.7306 Andrea.M.Cordaway@LoneStar.edu F-256
Steve Coryell
936.271.6329 Stephen.Coryell@LoneStar.edu F-257
Gustavo Cruz
936.271.7433 Gustavo.Cruz@LoneStar.edu F-242
Scott Daugherty
Faculty Web Site
936.271.6202 Scott.A.Daugherty@LoneStar.edu F-340

Derrell Dunn Assistant Professor

936-273-7072 Derrell.Dunn@Lonestar.edu F-245
Dr. Bill Dunn
Faculty Web Site
936.273.7268 Will-Matthis.Dunn@LoneStar.edu F-254
Dr. Jeff Groah
Faculty Web Site
936.271.6118 Jeffrey.M.Groah@LoneStar.edu F-243
Marion Horn Professor 936.273.7277 Marion.k.Horn@LoneStar.edu F-258

Ashauna Lindo Associate Professor

936-271-6158 Ashauna.D.Lindo@Lonestar.edu F-253
Lorraine Lopez Professor 936-273-7243 Lorraine.Lopez@LoneStar.edu F-250
Jessica Magee
Associate Professor
936.271.6135 Jessica.Magee@LoneStar.edu F-246
Ashley Majzun Assistant Professor 936-273-7269 Ashley.H.Majzun@Lonestar.edu F-255

Adebola Omotajo Professor

936.273.7468 Adebola.O.Omotajo@LoneStar.edu F-249
Erik Oslund
Faculty Web Site
936.273.7266 Erik.Oslund@LoneStar.edu F-251
David Quarles
Faculty Web Site
936.273.7431 David.F.Quarles@LoneStar.edu F-248
Dr. Jacquinita Rose Professor 936.273.7065 Jacquinita.A.Rose@LoneStar.edu F-247
John Saccente
Specialists IV
936.273.7265 John.M.Saccente@LoneStar.edu F-215
Anderson Vaca
Asociate Professor
936.273.7095 Anderson.vaca@LoneStar.edu F-240

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