Math Departments

Welcome to the Math departments of Lone Star College! You can use your Math courses toward an Associate of Arts academic degree and workforce programs. Find out how!


Contacting the Math Department

  • The department director's office is your primary source for all program, course and transfer questions.
  • The department director approves all coursework exceptions and prior learning experiences for credit courses toward your degree or certificate.
  • CE-to-Credit linked courses can also be verified by contacting the department director or dean.

LSC-CyFair Contacts

LSC-CyFair Math Department
LSC-CyFair Transitional/Developmental Math Department

Name Phone Office
Dr. John Burghduff
Math Department Chair
281.290.3915 HSC2 250G
Kristina Sampson
Transitional/Developmental Math Department Lead Faculty
281.290.5205 HSC2 250A
Jayne Martin
Transitional/Developmental Math Department Chair
281.290.3585 TECH 100T
Dr. Claire Phillips
Dean, Math
281.290.3967 HSC2 145C
Jason LaPres
Dean, Transitional/Developmental Math
281.290.3986 CASA 114D

LSC-Kingwood Contacts

LSC-Kingwood Math Department

Name Phone Office
Suzie Goss
Interim Dean, Academic Support, Math & Transitional/Developmental Math Department Chair
281.312.1688 SIB 202L
Anne Amis
Dean of Math, Engineering, Education & Student Success (MEES)
281.312.1737 APA 109I

LSC-Montgomery Contacts

LSC-Montgomery Math Department

Name Phone Office
Habib Far
Math Department Chair
936.273.7093 F244
David Benzel
Interim Dean
936.273.7092 F253

LSC-North Harris Contacts

LSC-North Harris Math Department

Name Phone Office

Marc Corbeil
Department Chair

281.765.7964 WNSP-115S
Ellen Turnell
Dean of Math and Science
281.618.5761 WNSP-115C

LSC-Tomball Contacts

LSC-Tomball Math Department

Name Phone Office
Amber Mestayer
Math & Developmental Math Department Chair
281.357.3661 N210H

Patty Zachary
Lead Faculty, Developmental Math

281.401.1836 E213U
Mindy Coleman
281.401.1824 E102D

LSC-University Park Contacts

Name Phone Office
Jess Kelly
281.655.3739 CSI 212
Frank Rodriguez
Department Chair
281.290.3770 B13.821
Ajai Simmons (Cribbs)
Developmental Math Department Lead
281.290.2748 B13.886
Abraham Haje
281.290.3723 B12.626
Amy Harris
281.290.2924 B13.867
Devika Lalsinghani
281.290.3735 B12.626
Ivan Ramos Medina
281.290.1867 B13.829
Kisha Smith
832.519.2901 B13.604
M. Isabella Fisher
281.290.2890 B13.510
Maria Purcell
832.519.2883 B13.404
Martha Donnelly
281.290.5053 B13.812
Matthew Shirley
832.519.2882 NRB.209I
Richard Smalley
281.401.5352 B13.831
Scott Travis
281.290.5060  NRB.209D

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