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We offer students a variety of math courses including: developmental and co-requisite courses; courses essential for workforce degrees and certificates; and credit level courses for degree-seeking students and those wishing to transfer to four-year institutions. 

Our credit level mathematics courses include those that are required for a degree in Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Business, Education, or Liberal Arts. 

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Contact Information

Division Mathematics, Engineering, Education, Physics & Student Success (MEEPS)
Department Dean Dr. Anthony Carreras
281.312.1763, APA 109C
Division Operation Manager (DOM) Melissa Johnson
281.318.4323, APA 109D
Department Assistant Angela Reyna
281.312.1412, CLB 100A
Academic Advisor Titania Jackson
281.312.8404, SCC 210
Part-Time Staff Assistant Cheryl Weiland
281.312.1720, CLA 200

Department Chair

Amy Hoherz

Albert Einstein said, "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."  I encourage my students to be fearless in learning mathematics, and that practice and mistakes are a part of the learning process.


BS in Mathematics from University of Iowa
MS in Curriculum and Instruction from Emporia State University
Additional Graduate Coursework in Mathematics from Emporia State University

281.312.1789, LIB 206D

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Stephanie Cockrell Andrews, Lead Faculty

“Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe." by Galileo Galilei


BS in Education from East Texas Baptist University
ME in Counseling from Stephen F. Austin State University
MS in Mathematics from Stephen F. Austin State University
EdD in Higher Ed Leadership from Sam Houston State University

281.312.1729, CLA 201C
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Dr. Miguel Caceres

“I enjoy my job as an educator, because I have a chance to help students and convince them that learning and getting a college degree will have a positive impact in their lives.”


BS in Mechanical Engineering
MS in Mathematics, and MS in Operations Research from Georgia Tech
PhD in Statistics and Operations Research from University of Houston

281.312.1713, PA 118K

Charity Combs

“Too many people have an extreme dislike of math. I teach for that light bulb moment; that moment when that student who thinks it is impossible, realizes ‘oh, that’s easy.”


BS in Mathematics from Norwich University
MS in Aeronautical Science and Safety Systems & Education Technology
MA in Mathematics from University of Houston

281.312.8431, LIB 206E

Tanya Easley

"My philosophy has always been everyone can learn math.  Some just take a little more time and effort. If you have the right mindset, I will do everything in my power to get you there and hopefully have a little fun in the process."


BS Mathematics Education from Louisiana College
MA Mathematics from the University of Houston

281.318.4386, CLA 201B

Jose Jonathan Gamez

“The best part about being a math teacher is not only helping my students understand mathematics, but also helping them achieve their goals.”


BS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Houston-Downtown
MS in Mathematics from University of Texas El Paso

281.312.1623, LIB 206H

Suzie Goss

“I enjoy helping others understand mathematics. I hope that through understanding math, students can have an appreciation for it and even grow to like it.”


BS in Mathematics from Stephen F. Austin State University
MS in Mathematics from Texas A&M University

281.312.1688, SIB 202L

Dr. Chris Martin

"Mathematics is both Art and Science and everyone is capable of doing it. The only secret is to practice and never give up your desire to learn."


BA in English and Religious Studies from Rice University
MS in Mathematics from University of Houston
PhD in Nonlinear Reaction Diffusion Equations, Mathematics

281.312.1648, TIB 205E

Mari Menard

“I believe in learning from all experiences, students should build and nurture their math skills. Stay positive, work hard, and success will follow.”


BS in Mathematics from Lamar University Beaumont
MS in Mathematics from Lamar University Beaumont

281.312.1475, CLA 201A

Lyle ONeal

“Making mathematics easier to understand is my mission. Helping students be successful is my goal.”


BS in Mathematics from Tarleton State University
MS in Mathematics from Tarleton State University

281.318.4383, CLA 201H, Google Voice: 281.973.7180

Loris Zucca

“I enjoy challenging students to do their best.”


BS in Mathematics from Texas A&M University
BS in Mathematics from University of Houston
MS in Mathematics from University of North Texas

281.312.1619, CLA 200A


Adjunct Faculty




  Cesar D. Ayala Gamboa Cesar.Ayalagamboa@lonestar.edu
  Brigham J. Barron Brigham.J.Barron@lonestar.edu
  Janice Castillo Janice.Castillo@lonestar.edu
  Sarah C. Evans Sarah.Evans@lonestar.edu
  Mary Gianoutsos Mary.K.Gianoutsos@lonestar.edu
  Lisa R. Harden Lisa.R.Harden@lonestar.edu 
  Willie B. Lewis Willie.B.Lewis@lonestar.edu
  Jerry S. McCormack Jerry.S.McCormack@lonestar.edu
  Dorene L. Orr Dorene.L.Orr@lonestar.edu
  Mehmet A. Ozek Mehmet.Ozek@lonestar.edu
  Cobi V. Reynolds Cobi.Reynolds@lonestar.edu
  Patricia A. Speck Patricia.A.Speck@lonestar.edu
  Richard Rodriguez Richard.A.Rodriguez@lonestar.edu
  Susan Joy Stokes Susan.J.Stokes@lonestar.edu
  Georgi D. Tarpomanov Georgi.D.Tarpomanov@lonestar.edu
  Leslie Tipp Leslie.Tipp@lonestar.edu
  Gary Utecht Gary.Utecht@lonestar.edu
  Elaine S. Victory Elaine.S.Victory@lonestar.edu
  Oscar Villalobos Oscar.E.Villalobos@lonestar.edu
  Ronald C. White Ronald.C.White@lonestar.edu
  Yan Zhang Yan.Zhang@lonestar.edu

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