II.H. Relationships with Governmental Agencies and Authorities

II.H.1. Interlocal Cooperation Contracts

II.H.1.01 Policy

Under Texas’s Interlocal Cooperation Act (“ICA”), the College may contract with a county, municipality, special district, junior college district, other political subdivision of Texas or another state, or other ICA-defined local government to increase the College’s efficiency and effectiveness.

II.H.1.02 Payment

An interlocal contract must be authorized by the Board and the governing body of each contracting party. An interlocal contract must (1) state the purpose, terms, rights and duties of the contracting parties; and (2) specify that each party paying for the performance of governmental functions or services must make those payments from current revenues available to the paying party.

Any interlocal contractual payment must be in an amount that fairly compensates the performing party for the services or functions performed under the contract. Interlocal contracts may be renewed.

II.H.1.03 Cooperation with State and Local Governments

The College may join with appropriate state and local government authorities and local agencies to deliver contracted services and to implement joint projects, initiatives, and activities that help fulfill the College’s mission.

II.H.1.04 Assurances

The College provides required assurances for direct contracting, grant receipts, and agreements. Policies that guide these assurances are found throughout this Policy Manual.

II.H.2. Federal Cooperation Contracts

The College may seek and implement direct contracts, grants, and agreements with federal governmental authorities and agencies to fulfill its mission and benefit students and citizens.

LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 1, 2016

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