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The Sociology Department at LSC-University Park is led by a caring and innovative faculty that will prepare students to be critical thinkers for the next phase of their studies and work. Whether students are interested in healthcare, law, business, or education, sociology is an excellent field to prepare for those endeavors. The department offers courses that focus on the foundations of sociology, inequality, minority groups, social problems, social institutions, and social change, and these courses give our students a deeper dive into the innards of society, how it works, and how it moves humans into different decisions, actions, and outcomes.

Through teaching and the exploration of research, students will understand that individuals are deeply influenced by their cultural, social, political, economic, and familial environments and connections. Thus, students who earn a two or four-year degree in sociology are primed to enter almost any industry or sector with a unique and valuable perspective of people and society. The goal is for sociology students to become socially conscious and insightful problem-solvers, team players, and leaders in the profession/career they pursue.

LSC-University Park offers an Associate of Arts Sociology degree program, which includes a variety of transferrable courses.

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Department Faculty

Sociology courses are taught by diverse, highly qualified faculty members who are professionals in their fields.

Aisha Adams-Lover
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Office: B12.635

Alma Tusini
Professor of Sociology
Office: NRB.209R

Sara Whalen
Department Chair
Office: B13.809

David Gaer
Dean of Instruction
Office: B12.603C

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