II.D.1. Facility Use


II.D.1.01. Policy

Lone Star College makes available its facilities and grounds for Third Party use consistent with the College’s values, mission, and this policy.

II.D.1.02. Definitions

(a)   Board means the Board of Trustees with ultimate legal authority to govern the College.

(b)   Facility Use Agreement means the College’s standard contract approved by the College’s Office of the General Counsel and available on the College’s website.

(c)    Third Party means individuals or groups not including College students or employees.

II.D.1.03. Requesting Facility Use

College facilities1 are available for occasional use by employees, students, and College community groups provided that each use is first approved in writing by the appropriate College official. Any proposed Third Party facility-use must enhance the College’s public service mission and serve educational needs. The College will deny facility-use if the proposed use interferes with the College’s instructional mission. Separate policies govern the use of College facilities as polling places or political party conventions.

II.D.1.04. Facility Use Fees

The Board authorizes the Chancellor to fix and collect rentals, rates, charges or fees from Third Parties for the use and/or availability of any College properties, buildings, structures, activities, operations, or facilities pursuant to the Chancellor’s fee schedule available in the corresponding procedures.

The College may assess a facility-use fee sufficient to cover all associated costs. Costs include (1) police, custodial, maintenance, and other College employee support; (2) food and beverage preparation, set-up, sale, and service; (3) College equipment set-up and use including computers and audio-visual aids; (4) utilities and operational overhead; and (5) other necessary costs. The College will determine and charge these reasonable costs.

Required facility-use fees must be paid when the Facility Use Agreement is signed unless the College states otherwise in writing.

The College will establish and update a facility-use fee schedule. The College will deny commercial use requests, unless the College determines that the proposed commercial use significantly serves the community because of the proposed event’s educational or cultural value.

II.D.1.05. College Facility Use Agreement Required

Third Party individuals or groups approved to use College facilities must sign and follow the College’s standard Facility Use Agreement. Any variations to this requirement must be approved by the College.

II.D.1.06. Prohibited Facility Use

The following activities are prohibited College facility uses:

(a)   holding partisan political meetings or fundraising, except for political party conventions held (1) with primary elections or (2) authorized student club activities to support or participate in partisan activities as allowed by Board Policy;

(b)  conducting activities which may damage the College’s buildings, grounds, or equipment or present a risk of injury to people;

(c)   holding external groups’ meetings that interfere with the College’s educational facility use;

(d)  conduct violating any applicable laws; or

(e)   conducting unauthorized business or commercial activities, including the sale of products or services, except as specifically allowed by Board Policy. The following activities are not considered prohibited business or commercial activity if approved beforehand by the College:

1.      post-performance or post-reading sales of music, dance recordings, videos, or books;

2.      performances incidental to the College’s educational mission (e.g., concerts, theater performances, or similar activities);

3.      recreational, cultural, and athletic events; public service radio and TV broadcasting; and events or functions which have as their principal purpose the improvement of relations between the College and the public;

4.      sales of art, baked goods, crafts, or similar items produced by students or College employees where the revenues are used by an authorized student group;

5.      authorized fundraisers which return less than 50% of the sales proceeds to the creator;

6.      sales of items by an authorized non-profit community organization with proceeds benefiting the College; or

7.      other sales of products or services specifically approved by the Board and memorialized in a written contract reviewed by College’s Office of the General Counsel.

II.D.1.07.  Alcohol in Facilities

The College is alcohol-free. Alcohol possession or consumption is prohibited in College facilities including classroom buildings, laboratories, auditoriums, library buildings, offices, athletic facilities, and all other College premises unless otherwise authorized in this policy. All federal law, state law, and local ordinances related to alcohol possession and consumption will be strictly enforced at all times on all College-owned, -leased, or -controlled property.

The Chancellor may allow alcohol service or consumption for persons aged 21 and over. The Chancellor may approve alcohol service or consumption at certain, limited College events. Individuals or groups requesting permission to serve alcohol must submit: (1) the Chancellor, applicable college president, or LEO’s written approval; (2) the appropriate plan for alcohol service or sale; (3) appropriate liability insurance coverage proof; and (4) any other requested information.

All parties approved to serve alcohol must comply with the Facility Use Agreement, College policies, local ordinances, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission rules and regulations, Texas state law, and federal law—including but not limited to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act.

II.D.1.08. Facilities as Polling Places

The College shall make its buildings available for use as polling places in any election that covers territory in which the buildings are located. If more than one authority requests the use of a building for the same day and simultaneous use is impractical, the College shall determine which authority may use the building. The College shall not assess a charge for the use of a College building for a polling place if the day of the election is a day on which the building is normally open for business.  If the day of the election is a day on which the building is not normally open for business, a charge may be made only for reimbursement of the actual expenses resulting from use of the building in the election.

II.D.1.09. Political Party Conventions

No charge may be made for the use of a College building for a precinct, county, or senatorial district convention except for reimbursement for the actual expenses resulting from use of the building for the convention. The College shall provide an itemized statement of expenses to the convention. 

II.D.2. Minors on College Premises


II.D.2.01. Policy

The College provides equal academic opportunities while balancing the safety and well-being of all students. The College welcomes persons of all ages. Minors aged 15 and under on College premises must be supervised by a parent, legal guardian, or authorized responsible adult unless the Board has approved a variance to this requirement. Unaccompanied Minors aged 15 and under will be reported to College police and an officer will attempt to locate the minor’s parent/guardian to accompany or remove the child. All Minors on College premises are subject to relevant College policies and procedures.

II.D.2.02. Definitions

(a)   Authorized Responsible Adults means parents, legal guardians, or an adult authorized by a parent or legal guardian to be responsible for Minors.

(b)  Minors means persons aged 15 and under.

(c)   Premises means any real property over which the College has possession, control, or legal ownership.

II.D.2.03. Approved Variances to Minors on College Premises

Colleges with a Harris County Public Library (“HCPL”) operating on the college campus will comply with HCPL regulations regarding children in the library.

II.D.2.04. Requirements for Minors on College Premises

An Authorized Responsible Adult must supervise Minors on College premises unless the Minor is participating in a College class, program, or event. This means that Authorized Responsible Adults do not have to accompany Minors while they are participating in the College class, program, or event, but must be present to monitor the Minors’ activities outside of a College class, program, or event. Minors participating in a College class, program, or event must have written permission from their parent or legal guardian. The Authorized Responsible Adult must be immediately available in an emergency situation. The College does not staff its campuses with nurses, infirmaries, or other medical care facilities. The Authorized Responsible Adult must bring and dispense medications, provide minor medical care, or respond to a call indicating the Minor is ill. The Chancellor or Chancellor’s designee may provide a variance to this policy.

Minors not participating in a College class, program, or event are prohibited from entering or using computer labs, science labs, physical fitness facilities, storage rooms, equipment rooms, outdoor water features, or outdoor athletic facilities unless they are given express written permission from the appropriate college president or designee.

Dual-credit and other similar programs are governed by the applicable agreement between the College and independent school district or other secondary education institution. Thus, students participating in a College-approved program must abide by the requirements specified therein. If the agreement does not specify supervision requirements, then this policy section applies.

II.D.2.05. College Employee Children on College Premises

Employees may not bring children to their worksite, except for a brief visit, unless the applicable College campus specifically designated a time or place for employee children to be present. Employees who bring their children to a College work area for a brief visit must continuously supervise their children. No child may be left unattended or with other employees. An employee’s child’s presence should not obstruct or diffuse work or duties in the College work area. Supervisors may ask employees to have their children leave the work area. Ill children may not be brought to the employee’s work area. Other arrangements must be made to accommodate an ill child.

Employees may not supervise children at their worksite unless their job assignments relate to a College class, program, or event designed for Minors aged 15 or under and advance written permission from their parent or legal guardian is acquired.

II.D.2.06. Children of Students on College Premises

College students’ children may not enter the classroom, even for brief visits, without the instructor’s prior express written permission. Instructors may deny permission or revoke written permission. Children cannot enter an activity or lab area where dangerous substances or equipment are stored or in use, unless the children are students enrolled in an applicable class or participating in a special College program. Students may not have their children accompany them on College field trips unless the children are also enrolled in the class.

LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 1, 2016


1 See Tex. Educ. Code §§ 51.9315(c)(1)–(2).

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