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LSC COVID-19 Protocols

LSC will no longer mandate masks while on LSC locations. LSC will respect those still wishing to wear masks and strongly encourages everyone to be vaccinated. Visit LoneStar.edu/Coronavirus to learn more.

Student Success Seminars



Seminars are offered free of charge to assist students on a wide variety of topics. See the list below for available topics or contact us to request a session or series customized to meet your needs.

The delivery format for Student Success Seminars at LSC-Montgomery will be changing this fall.  The same great topics that have been available in the past on pre-scheduled dates each month will still be accessible, but on a “by request” basis. 

Here are the basic procedures:

  • Seminars can be scheduled for in-class presentation
    • as a guest speaker
    • when a professor is out for professional development
  • Seminars can be scheduled for times outside of class
    • great for extra credit
    • can be used as a graded assignment
  • Students or faculty can request a seminar 
    • contact Cheri (Riggs) Barlow, DISS Division Coordinator
    • 936-273-7370 or Cheri.D.Barlow3@lonestar.edu
    • she will connect you to the appropriate presenter(s)
  • Fill out a seminar request form with the attendees' names, contact info and date/time of request
    • minimum of 5 attendees per session
    • presenter(s) will work with your group to accommodate a date and time

Sample Seminar Topics: 
If you don't see the topic you want, contact us about customizing a session to meet your needs.    936-273-7370
Counseling Services
Life Skills

Building Self-Esteem: Learning to Put Your Best Self Forward
Learn useful techniques to improve positive thinking about yourself and interaction with others.

Changing the Way You Think 
Learn ways to change negative thought patterns into positive responses to life issues.

Choosing the Career That’s Right for You!  
How will you really know which career will be the perfect fit for you?  Stop wasting time and money taking classes toward a major that’s not right for you! Come learn the steps to making the right career choice.

Communicating with Tact & Diplomacy 
Learn how to communicate what you want in ways that are easily received.

Differences Between a Career & Just a Job 
Learn about the opportunities gained from a career versus a job.

Hitting the Mark: A Guide to Goal Setting 
Without a goal, you have little direction.  Learn how to set goals for success in life.

How to Succeed in College 
Not sure of how to challenge college tasks?  Learn how to address the demands of college in a way that can promote a healthier life.

Juggling Life & School
Learn how to juggle them both without dropping the ball.

Leadership Luncheon 
Engage in lively, practical lessons on leadership, with a different topic each month.  Lunch is provided free for the first number of students to RSVP.

Managing the Stress in Your Life 
Are you having a hard time balancing the demands of school, career and family or friends?  Feel like pulling your hair out and crying for no reason?  Come learn how to get the “balance” back in your life.  We will practice proven stress reducing exercises.

Mind Over Mood
Change how you feel by changing the way you think! Learn some methods for overcoming fears and taking control over moods.  Problems such as depression, anxiety, anger, panic, jealousy, guilt and shame can be managed with strategies in this workshop.  Join us in taking a positive step toward some life-changing strategies!

Pressure to Perform:  Dealing with Outside Pressures in Relation to School 
Learn how to handle school on your terms.

Put Up Your Dukes:  Problem Solving for Cowards 
Learn effective ways to deal with problem situations. 

Putting It All Together:  A How-to on Attaining Organization at College 
Don't know where everything is?  Learn effective ways to organize your life so that you can be in control. 

Time Management Strategies 
Where does the time go?  Find out ways to manage the time you spend on life activities so that you can have more time for YOU!

Study Skills  

Conquering Test Anxiety
Do you freeze up or go blank when you come face to face with a test?  Does your heart pound and your head ache to the point of almost passing out?   You might be dealing with test anxiety!  Come and learn  how to overcome it.

How to be Successful in Math
Does the word “math” strike fear in your heart? Learn how to change your attitude and be successful in math.  We will present all the various resources on campus and give you a practical step by step guide with valuable tips to help you succeed in your math class.

Keys to College Success: Unlock your potential!
Learn strategies for more effective note-taking, time-management, test taking, and studying.  

Losing the Intimidation in Learning 
Learning can be overwhelming.  Find out how to approach the learning process in a way that works for you. 

Science Smarts
Studying the sciences requires a different level and type of study than other courses. Enhance your skills for succeeding in science courses. Learn to read technical material, use critical thinking, and find resources. Also, hear advice that science instructors would like for you to know.

What is Your Learning Style? 
Take a short computerized quiz that will pinpoint your unique style of learning.  Are you Auditory?  Tactile?  Visual?  Kinesthetic or a combination? This workshop will give you practical hands on advice for studying and succeeding in college based on your Learning Style.

Student Services
Advising Services

Advising 101: Charting Your Degree Plan
Learn about degree plans, college majors and course selection.

Transfer Information 101
Learn strategies to help with your transition from Lone Star College–Montgomery to another university/college. 

Career Services 

Career Discovery
Learn how to map out a realistic and planned career path.

Connecting Majors with Careers
Learn how to choose a college major and connect it to your career interests.

Designing Your Career Portfilio 
Your career portfolio can be as simple as a three ring binder or as sophisticated as a webpage with photos and with your biography.  Learn more about how to construct a career portfolio and use it in the job search process.

Dress for Success
Learn the do's and don'ts of choosing your job interview wardrobe.

Job Interviewing with Success
Learn successful interview techniques to help you prepare to make a good impression on your job interview

Job Searching with Success
Learn different strategies for conducting a successful job search.

Winning Resumes
Learn what employers are looking for in a resume and what makes a winning resume.

Your First Days on the Job 
You got the job! Now its time to earn the respect with all you work for during the first few weeks of your job.  Learn about professionalism in the workplace.

Financial Aid Services 

Debt, Bills and Fees, Oh My! How to Manage your Money 
Tired of digging for change in the couch cushions? Explore tools to track how you spend your money and how to take better control of it. Tips for budgeting, improving your credit score, saving and more.

Show me the Money! $cholarships Galore! 
Tap into a gold mine of scholarship opportunities on the World Wide Web!  Learn how to find and apply for local and national scholarships - even if your grades/GPA are not strong.  Get tips to help set you apart from the crowd!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?  How to get Money for College!  
Learn about financial aid opportunities such as grants, scholarships, loans and work programs that can help you get through school…Then you can move on to earn the big bucks!  How and when to apply, and more!

Workin' Hard for your Money!  Get a Job on Campus 
Find out about jobs on campus through the Work-Study program. Go to work but skip the commute and trips to the gas pump! Convenient and fun jobs on campus with flexible hours that can fit around your class schedule! 

Loan Exit Session 
Graduating or leaving Montgomery College?   Don’t miss the crucial information you’ll need to hit the ground running when your loan payments start. How to avoid defaulting and getting in over your head.

Academic Support Services
ELC - Reading, Writing & Languages

Building Your College Level Vocabulary 
Improve your vocabulary with effective techniques, and make yourself a better reader, speaker, and writer.

Commas, Commas, and More Commas 
Learn the importance of commas and how to use them.

Effective Note Taking
Learn strategies for taking class notes that help you organize and learn information and prepare for tests.

Essay Exams
Learn how to take an essay exam more easily, and demonstrate your mastery of knowledge in a persuasive way.

How to Learn a Language
Ease yourself into learning another language with hints from an expert tutor.  Learn how to absorb and immerse yourself in a language's grammar, culture, and philosophy.

How to Read and Understand Your Textbooks More Easily and Effectively
Strategies for reading and understanding your textbooks better.

How to Use Your English Handbook
Learn how to use your handbook as a reference guide for more successful ways to complete college and workplace writing assignments.

How to Write a Better Research Paper
The essentials of research for new college students.

How to Write a College Application Essay
Need to write an essay for a four year college?  Learn to create an essay that shows your talents and creativity to their best advantage.

Managing Writer's Block
Experience different strategies to begin the writing process.

ELC - Math, Science & Music 

ABC's of Word Problems
Learn to apply an easy-to-remember four step approach to successfully set up and solve most types of word problems.   

Factoring 0308
Having trouble with factoring binomials, trinomials and polynomials? Don't know when to use GCF, FOIL or grouping? Come to this workshop and clear up the confusion.

Factoring 0310
Do you have a high fear factor for factoring?  Join us in a review of factoring techniques and their application in simplifying rational expressions and solving quadratic equations.

Geometry Fundamentals 
Review formulas for area, perimeter, volume, and surface area; properties of triangles; and angle theorems.  

Graphing Calculator Basics for TI-83 and TI-84
Learn how to find zeroes, intersections, and max/min points of functions, as well as how to solve matrices and use other helpful features in your TI-83 and TI-84.

Mastering Fractions
Learn strategies to break through your frustration with common denominators, equivalent fractions, reducing, improper fractions and mixed numbers.

Working with Rational Expressions 
Identify patterns for using the LCM to simplify rational expressions, clear fractions and solve  equations.

Zen and the Art of Mastering Mathematics
Acquire mental and physical disciplines for mastery.  Replace anxiety with confidence.

ELC - Business & Computers 

Safe Computing Practices
Lean how to protect yourself and your data against spy ware, viruses, and hackers. This course will focus on simple steps anyone can take to help secure important data form uninvited guests.


Librarians Teach Research and Information Literacy Skills 
It's smart to consult an expert when you need help.  Montgomery Reference Librarians teach  information literacy and help students and faculty make sense of the wide variety of research materials available at the campus library and from our extensive virtual resources.  The number of research options in the 21st century makes research challenging and information literacy essential . Save time and energy by learning to do your research efficiently.  Classes taught by a research expert or one-on-one research sessions are available upon request. 

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