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About Us

Mission Statement

Assist students in achieving academic success, through persistence and retention, by promoting understanding of course concepts, reinforcing essential study skills and habits, and encouraging independent learning to help them reach their educational goals to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

Philosophy of Serving Students

Students are the central focus of our services that are based on theories and knowledge of learning and human development, reflective of developmental and demographic profiles of the student population and responsive to the special needs of individuals. Through understanding and guidance, the Learning Center strives to aid students to become adept at learning, to understand the learning expectations of faculty and to foster personal responsibility and accountability for learning. While the Learning Center supports the academic standards and requirements of the institution, the staff also helps students develop a positive attitude towards learning and confidence in their ability to learn.

Philosophy of Serving Faculty

The Learning Center strives to provide services and resources to faculty that enhance and support classroom instruction and support the academic standards and requirements of LSC-Montgomery.




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