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LSC-Tomball Student Government Association

Role of LSC-Tomball Student Government

The Student Government Association of LSC-Tomball serves as the umbrella organization representing the interests of all registered student organizations on campus and acts as the liaison between the organizations and campus leadership. Regardless of a student's involvement in clubs or other programs on campus, all students of LSC-Tomball are considered a member of the Student Government Association and have the ability to play an important role in the governance of student clubs and advocacy on behalf of the student body. 

The LSC-Tomball SGA leadership also represent the student body of the campus at a local, system, regional, and state level by participating in such activities as meeting with legislators during Community College Day at the Capitol, joining as a part of the Campus Leadership Council, system activities and planning for the SGA organizations, and membership in regional and state SGA organizations. 

Events and SGA's Calendar

Almost all Student Government Association events will be held on Thursdays at 2:00pm. Please keep and eye out for this information.

Please CLICK HERE to view SGA's 2021-2022 calendar

Student Government Constitution and Current Election Rule

Please CLICK HERE to view the SGA's Constitution

Please CLICK HERE to view the SGA's Current Election Rules

Leadership Structure     

The LSC-Tomball SGA Officers are elected annually by the student body and represent a diverse array of interests, club involvements, and backgrounds.

The Executive Council of the LSC-Tomball SGA is made up of the 6 elected officers; President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Programs, Vice President of Outreach and Recruitment, General Secretary, and the Finance Secretary.

Community Engagement

The LSC-Tomball SGA is, at its heart, a service organization for students and all of our campus and community members. Each year the SGA leadership and students look for ways to actively represent the idea of community that is inherent in being a community college.

Some projects have included: 

Classroom Libraries Projects


The LSC-Tomball SGA raised funds with the help of Target, Academy, the Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce, HCA Tomball, the faculty and staff of LSC-Tomball and other community-minded donors to partner with Scholastic Book Fairs in a project to provide classroom libraries of new children's books to Rose Hill Elementary in Tomball ISD. This service project provided approximately 40 brand new books to about 35 classrooms, giving students direct access to a variety of books that are popular and that they want to read. The SGA also was able to provide 40 brand new bean bag chairs and dozens of pillows and cushions to create comfortable reading spaces to encourage literacy and develop a love of reading. This project had a financial impact of approximately seventeen thousand dollars. 

Community College Day at the Capitol

The LSC-Tomball SGA officers traveled to the Texas Capitol with nearly 70 other students, the largest delegation from any of the Lone Star College System campuses, during the 2019 legislative session to meet with the state legislators who represent the students that attend LSC-Tomball and Creekside Center. The officers and students met with Representatives Bell, Leman, Oliverson, and Swanson as well as Senators Creighton, Bettencourt, and Kolkhorst. Students were able to share their personal stories about how community college has had an impact on their lives with the legislators who actually represent them. 

Committee Meetings


Each year students from the LSC-Tomball student body serve on the standing committees for the SGA (Nominations and Elections, Administration and Bylaws, and Events) to propose amendments to the constitution, recommend rules regarding elections, and bring ideas about how to create events that will better engage the student body. 

General Assemblies 


  • Held on Zoom or WebEx. Please keep an eye out for an email from SGA Advisor Cory Colby to join the meetings.
  • All LSC-Tomball Students are welcome and encouraged to attend SGA General Assembly Meetings as voting members of the student body.
  • The General Assembly functions as the governing body of the Student Government Association, enacting changes to the constitution, passing rules governing the SGA and associated clubs, passing resolutions advocating for students, and giving a space for students to have their voices heard.
  •  It is strongly recommended that officers and members of Registered Student Organizations attend the assemblies.
  • Fall 2021 General Assembly meeting dates:
    • September 30th at 2pm in N103
    • Decemeber 2nd at 2pm in N103

Club Council Meetings

  • Club Council meetings are made up of designated individuals and alternates from Registered Student Organizations of LSC-Tomball with the purpose of building relationships between club leadership, develop ideas and share information, and make important decisions affecting students. 
  • There is one club council meeting each month of the academic year when students are actively on campus.
  •  Registered Student Organizations are required to have designees attend in order to receive their full funding.
  • Please keep an eye out for a link from SGA Advisor Cory Colby to join the meetings.
  • Club Council meeting dates: 
    • September 16th at 2pm in S157
    • October 28th at 2pm in S157
    • November 18th at 2pm in S157

If you are interested in joining SGA or have questions please contact Cory Colby

Cory Colby 

SGA Advisor 

Office: S204-G


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