Danielle Ward

Danielle WardHi! Iím Danielle. While Iím not a native Texan, I got here as fast as I could!  I grew up in Ohio, but I have lived in Houston for the past 15 years. I had the honor of attending Ohio University (not Ohio State University) where I fell in love with all things college. I received a degree in Organizational Communication and later earned my Masterís degree in Higher Education Administration. During the pandemic, I decided to pursue another dream and I am currently taking classes for my Ed.D in Organizational Leadership.

While I do like school, when I am not doing homework, you will find me hanging out with my family or spending time outside. Some of my faves include walking around Town Center, listening to live music at Kings Harbor, Tex Mex, Marble Slab and Krispy Kreme hot glazed doughnuts.

Attending college was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Some days were fun and other days were so hard that I wondered how I was going to finish. I learned valuable lessons and made life-long friendships.  Completing my degree has afforded me an opportunity to show students how to navigate the college system and make connections along the way. I chose TRIO because by the time I graduated with my masterís degree, I had accumulated over $76,000 in student loan debt. I want you to graduate with little to no debt. We have an amazing financial literacy program and great Advisors to show you how to make smarter choices than I did!

I believe in the transformative power of education and the resources that TRIO has to offer students. You do not have to do this alone! I will be here to help support you, cheer for you and push you across the finish line. You can do this!

Mariam Ali

Mariam AliMy name is Mariam and I am originally from New York! However, Iíve lived in Houston way longer. I graduated from LSC-Kingwood with my Associate of Science degree and transferred to the University of Houston. My major was Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

I love Marvel movies and can watch them a million times and never get tired of them.  I just finished WandaVision and now on Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I absolutely love food! Some of my favorites are biryani, fish and chips, alfredo, and all kinds of fries.

I decided to work for TRIO because I was a first generation college student and couldnít have made it this far without my mentors and student resources. I want to give back and help students cross that finish line to graduate.

Guadalupe Juarez

My name is Guadalupe Juarez. I lived in Conroe for the past ten years where I am originally from Houston! I graduated from LSC-Montgomery with my Associate of Science. I attended Lamar University where my major was in Applied Arts and Science.

I love fishing and spending time with loved ones. I started getting in health and fitness this past year! I love to explore and learn about new places, cultures, data and geography! 

I joined this awesome TRIO team to support you on your academic journey. It is a pleasure to assist you, also being a first-generation student and provide you with useful resources in our TRIO suite. I am always open to helping students succeed while pursuing their academic goals! 

Erika Stowe

Erika StoweHello, my name is Erika Stowe. I graduated from LSC-Kingwood and I transferred to Sam Houston State University. I am currently an online student, and my major is Business Administration.

I love spending time with my family and going to the farmerís market on the weekend. I also enjoy baking and binge watching tv shows when I have some free time.

I decided to join the TRIO team because I am a first generation and non-traditional student. I know the importance of having someone on your side. I am here to assist students with any support or help they may need!

Brian Jones

Brian JonesMy name is Brian Jones and I've lived in Texas my whole life. Right now, I am attending Kingwood Lone Star College for my Associate Degree of Mechanical Engineering, and plan on attending Texas A&M or Texas Tech.

Iím either not doing much around the house, or Iím fixing a few things at once. But while Iím not doing too much, I spend that time watching TV and playing some video games. But when I am fixing something, it tends to be my truck where I learn that engineers are definitely not perfect.

I decided to join TRIO, not only to sharpen my own math skills, but because I have found it to be a great place to develop friends, find help, and get free food. Iím also here a lot of the time and asked for help on math questions, so I figure I might as well get paid for it. I can tell you first hand that, my now coworkers and boss, are phenomenal people who genially want you to succeed. From when I first joined to now they are more than willing to help, and I wish to extend that help to other students while Iím here.

Grace Daigre

Grace DaigreHi, my name is Grace Daigre, and I am a new tutor for TRIO Student Services this semester! I was born and raised in Kingwood and decided to move back here for the year following my graduation from the University of Georgia in May of 2022. Go Dawgs! I hope to attend law school starting in the fall, but until then, Iím excited to be tutoring in most subjects, specifically Language and Writing. I was previously a peer tutor in college and worked to make sure that all of my students felt welcomed, supported, and heard. We made sure they got their work done, but we still had a ton of fun in the process! I am goofy, bubbly, outgoing, and driven. Iím thrilled to be able to work at Lone Star College Kingwood, and I hope to meet all of you when youíre back on campus for the Spring semester. Swing by the TRIO suite to say hi and introduce yourself!

NeíVaeh Young

Grace DaigreHello, my name is NeíVaeh Young, and I am the part-time TRiO assistance/receptionist. I work in the TRiO office (SCC 195), and I can help you with any needs you may have! Looking to apply for TRiO? I can help! Need guidance with Financial Aid or registering for you classes? I can help! Having a hard day and need to hang out in the TRiO office? You are welcome? Please stop by and visit us!

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