What does the future job market look like for graduates?
A career in veterinary technology offers a very bright future. Licensed Veterinary Technicians are in high demand nationwide.


Our graduates can be selective. Lone Star College–Tomball graduates are coming out of an exemplary program and employers know and trust the education that our students receive.

What about financial aid?
The purpose of financial aid is to remove financial barriers that prevent access to educational opportunities. Lone Star College System participates in programs that provide aid through grants, scholarships, part-time employment and loans. Students choosing to apply for these programs should contact the financial aid office well in advance of registration. Priority is given to those students who apply and complete the process prior to April 1. After the priority date, awards are made as long as funds are available. Grants and scholarships are usually awarded for the fall and spring terms only.

Please visit the Lone Star College–Tomball financial aid site for information on grants and applying for financial aid.

Are there certain classes that I must take before I can apply?
No classes are required before starting the program.  Any student anticipating entrance into the veterinary technology program should ensure that remediation is not required after admission examinations are completed and have been reviewed. If admission examinations indicate the student is in need of remediation in math, writing or reading, the student must successfully complete those requirements before applying for entry into the veterinary technology program.

Are night classes offered?
Night classes are available every semester for core curriculum classes i.e. math and English. Not all classes have a night school option.

Are night courses offered for the Veterinary Technology Program? Currently we are not able to offer night courses in the Veterinary Technology Program.

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