Visual Communication Department at LSC-North Harris

This program provides students with skills needed for careers in commercial art and design, digital publishing, web design, 3D animation, multimedia development, and video and post production. The demand for these skills comes from a variety of industries including advertising, consumer products, education, financial, entertainment, government, legal, manufacturing, medical, petroleum, publishing, transportation, and video production. Why such a broad range industries? Because all companies want and need to communicate with clients, customers, and community. Nothing is more lasting than the emotional impact of visual imagery in printed publications, on the web, for broadcast, etc.

The visual communication program includes six areas of specialization: graphic design, multimedia design, web design, video and post-production, motion graphics, and 3D animation. Students completing the AAS degree or certificates are prepared for entry-level positions.


program brochure (pdf) - Download this brochure to view information on career opportunities in visual communication as well as degree transferring to local universities.
These "building blocks" list required courses for the certificate and the AAS degree in each of the six tracks that are offered under the visula communication program.

Graphic Design track (pdf)
Web Design track (pdf)
Multimedia Design track (pdf)
Motion Graphic track (pdf)
3D Animation track (pdf)
Video and Post Production track (pdf)

hiLight is our annual departmental newsletter that highlights events and successes of our students and program.

Read all issues for inspiring student success stories - issue i (pdf) issue ii (pdf) issue iii (pdf) issue iv (pdf) issue v (pdf)


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