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II.F. Weapons On Premises

II.F.1. Policy

The Chancellor develops, maintains, and enforces rules regarding licensed individuals carrying handguns on College premises. These rules are found in the Chancellor’s Procedures. Unless allowed by the Chancellor’s Procedures, authorized LSC Police Department regulations, state law, or federal law, a person shall not knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly enter College premises or College-sponsored events with a firearm or any prohibited weapon listed in Texas Penal Code § 46.05(a). Such a violation may result in disciplinary action—up to termination for employees or expulsion for students—and possible criminal charges, as applicable.

LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on April 6, 2017

II.F.1.01 Firearms/Weapons - Illegal

A person shall not knowingly, intentionally or recklessly go onto the physical premises or passenger transportation vehicle of the System with a firearm or any prohibited weapon listed in Penal Code 46.05(a) unless pursuant to written regulation or law, or written authorization of the System.

Violation of this law is a third degree felony. Penal Code 46.05 (See also Section: Student Code of Conduct, Section VI. Students, of Board Policy Manual).

The physical premises of the System means any grounds or buildings owned or leased by the System, including, but not limited to, lots and land under the control of the System, or upon which a System building is located

II.F.1.02 Firearms/Weapons - Prohibited

No person shall be permitted to interfere with the normal activities, the normal occupancy or the normal use of any building or portion of campus of any school by exhibiting or using or threatening to exhibit or use a firearm of weapon.

II.F.1.03 Firearms at System Meetings

Regardless of whether the weapon is concealed or not, a person who has been issued a license to carry a concealed firearm commits an offense if he or she carries a firearm at any meeting of the System, unless otherwise allowed by state law.

II.F.1.04 Criminal Trespass

A person who carries a concealed handgun whether licensed or not onto premises to which the System has title or possession or is a holder in due course of a negotiable instrument in violation of a posted notice violates the criminal trespass statute.

II.F.1.05 Prohibition of Concealed Weapons

Unless otherwise allowed by state law, the System may prohibit persons who are licensed to carry a concealed handgun from carrying a concealed weapon onto its premises.

II.F.1.06 System Firearms Policy

It is the policy of this System to prohibit the carrying of firearms, knives and clubs onto any of the System's facilities. The possession of firearms, illegal knives and prohibited knives on System facilities including parking areas and publicly accessed facilities is a violation of criminal law and Board policies. This prohibition includes licensed concealed handguns except as otherwise allowed by state law.

Persons who violate the law and these policies will be subject to serious consequences, including referral for criminal prosecution, dismissal from school or discharge of employment.

The System may impose the most severe sanctions available to it, including expulsion, in the case of a student, or immediate discharge, in the case of an employee, if it finds that the policy was breached intentionally or in a manner that placed in jeopardy the safety and security of the colleges or any of the persons on its premises.
The System, through its police department, publications and signage, shall inform students, employees, renters and visitors of the law and these policies.

The System shall develop procedures to permit law enforcement officers and others in similar positions, identified as exempt from these policies, to carry concealed weapons on their persons while in the actual course of duty, and in their vehicles while off duty, if required to carry such weapons by their employers.
It is the policy of this System to prohibit the carrying of firearms, knives and clubs onto any of the System's facilities.


LSCS Policy Manual Section adopted by the Board of Trustees on August 7, 2008

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