Emergency Management Plan

The LoneStarCollegeSystem (LSCS) EmergencyManagement Plan (EMP) outlines our approach toemergencyoperations, and is applicable to allLSCS locations and departments. The EMP provides general guidancefor emergencymanagement activities and an overview ofour methods in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Theplan describes our emergency response organization and assigns responsibilities for various emergencytasks.

TheEMP provides aframework for theannexes that describein detail who does what, when, and how. Theprimaryaudienceforthedocument includes our senior leadership, emergencymanagementteam members, department heads and theirseniorstaff members, leaders oflocal volunteerorganizations and government agencies that supportLSCS emergency operations, and otherswho mayparticipatein ourmitigation, preparedness, response, and recoveryefforts.

TheBasic Plan includesAnnexes and detail plansspecificforacampus ordepartment. TheBasic Plan also definesLines of Succession, ReadinessLevels, andAdministration and support. AllLSCS Departments havesomepart oftheLSCS EMP and Annexes. TheExecutive Summaryof theEMP and Annexes areprovidedbelow. A copyof thedetail planis available on theLSCIntranet at https://intranet.lonestar.edu/div/OEM/ormaybeprovided upon request.